Gastronomic Gems of the South

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For North people, the South might as well be another country. It’s too far and unfamiliar after all. But actually, the South is littered with so many interesting and yummy epicurean destinations that are worth the long drive. Give it a shot because if you don’t check these places out, you might miss out on a gastronomic adventure.


Bean & Yolk

Photos from @beanandyolkph

Care to brunch? Might as well set it at Bean and Yolk. This Alabang haven is famous for their sandwiches and coffee but their menu extends to waffles, salads, and sweet treats. How do you like your eggs? You can have an eggs benedict sandwich or have it on your carbonara or on your breakfast ramen.



Spoon Eat + Drink

Photos from @spooneatdrink

If you find yourself craving for a hearty and filling meal with savory flavors, make a journey to Aguirre Avenue where this quaint little place is located. Try the Chicken Periperi, which is their best-selling dish. Throw in some of their smashed potatoes and eggplant parmigiana as well and you’re all set for a satisfying meal.


Kehl’s Restaurant

Photos from @kehlsrestaurantph

Say cheese! That’s what’s likely to happen when you see this Swiss-Italian restaurant’s menu. Kehl’s is a resto slash deli where you can choose a wide variety of cheese, sausages, and meat. Their famous cheese platter Kase Platte is a must-try! You get a gouda young, gouda old, Monterey Jack, cheddar, and Dutch Pesto in one plate.


Sing Sing Korean Barbecue

Photos from @margaretfronteras and @tictactoph

If you can’t get enough of KBBQ, you can buy the meat at Sing Sing because it doubles as a meat shop. Samgyupsal is a staple when it comes to any Korean meat-grilling meal, and you can get it unlimited for only P299 so go crazy!


La Chinesca

Photos from @aniciaclean and @lachinesca

A good ol’ Mexican restaurant will always be in any food destination list. La Chinesca is located in the heart of BF Homes and is always packed despite the lack of signage on its facade. They are known for their soft corn tortilla tacos stuffed with meat, vegetables and an assortment of mexican sauces.


Viet Asia

Photos from @vietasiarestaurant

Another must-visit in BF Homes is a tiny place called Viet Asia which the health-conscious would appreciate. Its healthy array of Vietnamese food include staples like green papaya salad, fresh spring rolls, egg rolls, and the favorite among locals – garlic noodles. The items are all super affordable as well so it’s light on your diet and on your wallet.


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