Food Trends that Are Too Hipster for My Life

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We encounter unique food concoctions every now and then, and we love how creative people can get! There are some though that raised more eyebrows than thumbs up. Check out these food trends that we’d rather see on the ‘gram than on our plates.


5. Deconstructed Desserts

It is common to see your desserts torn apart in fine dining restaurants for artistic presentation, but others might have taken it too far?

The dessert that blown me away in terms of presentation. When this was served, the manager told us that he had an argument with the chef and we had to make our own cake. And so we were presented with the flour, eggs, butter, sugAr and milk. We were told to whisk it together and I almost believed him. And it turned out that this is one fun deconstructed dessert. 1. #Egg being treAcle tart. 2. Chocolate being chocolate 3. Milk being cinnamon rice pudding. 4. Butter being popcorn semifreddo (texture was really like butter!) 5. Sugar being a smoked vanilla marshmallow! 6. Flour being yoghurt cake and snow with caramel popcorn, hazelnut biscuits, nougat chips and brown butter ice cream hidden. ???? 。。。 #frenchcuisine #asia50best #world50best #sgrestaurants #restaurAntandré #innovative #deconstructeddessert #french #ashkeatandeat #ashfoodporn #happybirthday #birthdayweekend #burpplesg #finedining #romanticdate

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4. Deconstructed Coffee

Imagine coffeeholics who order their drink to start their busy day only to find out after a ten-minute wait, they’re be served with a science experiment kit.

A deconstructed iced latte at New York's Voyager Espresso.

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3. Raindrop Cake

Drinking water is so last year, so why don’t we just eat it instead?


2. Rainbow food

Literally eating the rainbow.


1. Avocado latte

Truman Café from Australia introduced the avolatte as a joke but some took it as an actual item from the menu. The only question we have is: are people drinking it like soup?

Yeah avo toast is out, avo latte is in #babeslovebrunch

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If that’s not hipster enough, maybe this muffin latte will be your cup of coffee.

Coffee in a #Muffin ? #Luffin ? Glad it's not a coffuffin ?@theedibleimage ☕️?✅

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  • Patti Speaks

    Raindrop cake/ Mizu Yokan is something being eaten in Japan for a really long time now. It looks like water but it’s pretty much clear gelatin.