Five Easy Recipes to Cure Your Hangover

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Did you have one too many last night? We’re sure that throbbing headache answered for you. Save these quick and simple recipes for your hangover so you don’t have to regret another night again.


5. Hangover Smoothie

If eating a full meal might be too much for your tummy, let a hangover smoothie fill you for the mean time. Bananas and coconut water are rich in potassium that can help bring back the electrolytes you lost from dehydration. Blueberries are also packed with Vitamins K and C as well as chemical compounds that’ll boost your immune system back up.

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4. Avocado Egg Toast

You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone with this breakfast toast. Eggs contain the amino acid cysteine from protein, which aids in ridding your body off remaining headache-causing toxins from alcohol like acetaldehyde. The vitamins and healthy fats you can get from avocado will help you recover faster, as well as bring your potassium levels back up.

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3. Chicken Soup

Your liver suffered the hardest after a night of drinking. The chicken soup is perfect to have in the morning as the chicken has cysteine-containing protein, which is vital in detoxifying the liver; and the salt from the soup can increase your water and sodium levels to rehydrate your body after a severe loss.

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2. Green Juice

A lot of what we experience in life is a matter of our perspective. What we perceive as good or bad is because of our own perceptions, our own colored glasses that we wear.? If I wore blue colored glasses, I will see blue, & if I wore green glasses, I will see green. The blue could represent sadness, & green could represent gratitude. A person doing jewelry business will notice the type & design of jewelry other people are wearing – because that is their interest. A dentist will most probably notice teeth, & a designer will notice clothes. A lover of God will notice loving hearts.? We see the world based on our interests & experiences. When I found out that majority of my family is intolerant to dairy & gluten, it did seem challenging for a bit. But, once I accepted this truth, I researched how to prepare vegan & gluten free meals, & I found a whole new world open up for us.? 1 single door of wheat closed, but many more opened up, such as millet, quinoa, brown rice, etc etc. So many options, so many possibilities.? The key is not to feel afraid & give up. The key is to accept what life offers with gratitude. I am actually very grateful for those intolerances because I feel like it was a blessing that protected us from a ton of possible health issues, because now I know through @medicalmedium that both dairy & gluten are like glue for our intestines, & they also make great food for the variety of unwanted pathogens in our bodies.? So, yes, life is about how we perceive our situations. When one door closes, many more do open. Pictured is what one of those opened doors led us to – making powerful juices of wonderful veggies, fruits, & herbs.? Here I made a juice of: celery + apple + cucumber + parsley + cilantro + dandelions + lemon + ginger. Powerfully cleansing & powerfully healing. & No, this juice does not create glue in my intestines, nor does it feed bad viruses.? This juice helps remove the existing glue in my intestines, & kills the unwanted pathogens, & at the same time, it strengthens the good pathogens. Pretty good, huh?!???

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Start your morning with a green juice to feed your body its much-needed minerals and vitamins. The natural sugars from fruits will give you the boost and energy you’ll need for the day, while the fiber from the greens will assist your body in further breaking down the alcohol.

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1. Salmon

This smoked salmon wrap is breakfast for the drunk champs. The fish is a good source of amino acids, Vitamin B1, EPA, DHA fatty acids. After losing B-complex vitamins, your body needs to be restored with these nutrients. Tomatoes are also known for hydrating you as it is rich in electrolytes like potassium and sodium.

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