Everything You Need to Know About Steak Cuts

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There’s nothing quite like chowing down on a good ol’ classic steak. Whether you prefer it rare, medium, or well done, if the beef is handled perfectly, you’ll enjoy it no matter how it’s cooked. However, the boujee people will frown upon those who like their steaks well done.

We reached out to Steak.ph to give us some insight into the steak business and to give us the 411 on steaks. Here are the 4 most popular prime steakhouse cuts that every carnivore drools over:



Also goes by other names like Rib Steak, Delmonico, Entrecôte, and Tomahawk. It comes from the primal rib of the cow, and is cut into individual steaks with the bone or without. The meat is sprinkled with pockets of fat too so if you’re a fan of fat, this is something you’ll salivate over. This cut is best cooked pan-seared, broiled, or grilled over high heat.


The Tenderloin’s French monikers include Filet Mignon and Chateaubriand if you prefer to be more fancy. It’s not called the tenderloin for nothingit’s the tenderest and leanest of all cuts, which is why it’s also the priciest steak. The best way to cook this is to sear the outside until it is browned and then finish the cooking in the oven.



Also called New York Strip, Top Sirloin, or Kansas Strip. Like its name, this steak has a strip of fat on its edges and marbling over its fine-grained texture. This steak is chewier than the Tenderloin or the Ribeye and has a strong beefy flavor. It’s usually cooked on high heat, pan-seared, broiled, or grilled.



This cut is also known as the T-bone. It has the best of both worlds: a buttery filet and a striploin. Since it’s a hybrid of two kinds of steak, it’s a bit tricky to cook. Because the tenderloin side cooks faster than the strip side, you have to keep the tenderloin far away from the heat source.

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