Celebrities Who Went Down in Meme History

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Celebrities are there to entertain and that’s a fact. Though they only really signed up for acting, variety shows, and music, in recent years they’ve been entertaining us in different ways thanks to the rise of memes.


They are the easiest target of memes after all — there are a lot of available content to use and they are constantly on the spotlight. So platforms such as Twitter and Reddit will take any opportunity to poke fun or make light of anything that can be remotely funny and relatable.


Here are just a few famous people who were not spared from becoming a meme:



Remember this unflattering photo of Beyonce? At one point, her management wanted to take down the viral Superbowl photo from the internet but that’s like asking for people to stop trolling — it’s simply impossible.


If it’s on the internet, it’s there forever and unfortunately for Beyonce, her photo has not only stayed online, it also gave birth to countless memes.


Chrissy Teigen

We all know by now that Chrissy Teigen is a meme on legs. Her relatable humor and candid anecdotes online are just a few of the endearing factors that make people love her. Though, one particular moment that stood out to us was when the camera panned to her during John Legend’s acceptance speech at the 72nd Golden Globes.


The GIF and screencap has since been used when conveying an unpleasant, awkward feelings about something. Her expression is applicable to anything, really.


Leonardo DiCaprio

It’s almost a cop out including Leonardo in this list because he is the probably the king of memes. Strutting Leo (the one above), Toasting Leo, Sad Leo, are all just a few of his famous meme-fications.


Several jokesters have photoshopped many variations of the Strutting Leo photo that it probably deserves an entire separate article altogether. We don’t know what it is about him that sparks relatable memes but we are sure there are more to come.


Meryl Streep

For some reason, a screenshot of Meryl Streep shouting and cheering at the 2017 SAG Awards went viral on Twitter and people had no shortage of funny captions to go along with it. Netizens would use it to convey a passionate PSA, a tweet in support of something, or creative jokes in the likes of this:



Judy Ann Santos

We never expected a meme to come out of Judy Ann’s Kitchen videos but we’re happy we got one. Who knew gourmet cooking could birth one of the most relatable and hilarious memes in the Pinoy pop culture narrative.


Her “walang nangyayari” clip has been shared thousands of times on Twitter alone because well, let’s face it — it’s applicable to almost anything. Whether it’s relationships, school, money, diet? Walang nangyayari is a jack of all trades meme.


Kris Aquino

Not only is she the Queen of All Media but she’s also the Queen of All Memes. She’s not afraid to spill the tea and that’s a thing not a lot of people in showbiz can do.


It’s one of those “it’s funny because it’s true” kind of humor that makes her such a perfect character to use for any situation.


She has a myriad of facial expressions that are enough to cover the entire human emotional spectrum and that’s probably why someone put a meme’d out picture of her in the Crazy Rich Asians cast on Google.


Alma Moreno

“Pills!”, “Dasal lang talaga”, “Disseminate!” These are just a few of the most memorable quotes from Alma Moreno’s infamous interview with Karen Davila.


That sit-down one-on-one was broadcast on live TV and has since become a goldmine of memes and quotes — even birthing a few Telegram stickers and catchphrases. Alma taught us how to dodge burning questions and answer in the most vague sentences, and for that we thank her for providing us with quality content.


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