Be Rainy Season Ready With These 5 Items

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A change in the season means a change in wardrobe. Brave the wet months with these five items to keep you dry, warm and safe.


5. A cute umbrella

Let yourself and someone else stay under your cute umbrella to shield you from the rain and gloomy weather.

Php 510.00 – River Island

Photo from River Island

Php 599.00 – Typo

Photo from Typo



4. A good pair of boots

As we are in a tropical country where it’s showering half of the year, investing in a good pair of boots is a must if you want to spare your feet from all the puddles and mud.

Php 7,990.00 – Dr. Martens

Photo from Traffic Footwear

Php 3,290.00 – Stradivarius

Photo from Stradivarius


3. A loose sweater

When it’s raining 24/7 outside, the cold inside becomes almost unbearable. Stay warm in a sweater, but make sure it’s also loose and light enough for some breeze when the rain stops.

Php 899.00 – H&M

Photo from H&M

Php 995.00 – Stradivarius

Photo from Stradivarius


2. Cropped trousers

You never know what a little drizzle can do in this city where streets can instantly turn into rivers. Opt for cropped trousers so there’s no need for wetting (and drying) your clothes.

Php 1, 195.00 – Pull & Bear

Photo from Pull & Bear

Php 2,050.00 – Topshop

Photo from Topshop

1. A raincoat

You wouldn’t want to look like you just got out of the shower in your clothes, that is. Stay waterproof in raincoats.

Php 4,995.00 – Mango

Photo from Mango

Php 2,995.00 – Zara

Photo from Zara

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