Be #FriendshipGoals with Your Girlfriends in These Halloween Costumes

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Why dress solo when it’s so much more fun to dress up with your best friends? Get ready together for all the parties lined up, and consider these girl pairs and groups for your Halloween costumes.

5. Pink Ladies from Grease

Source: Grease

Before the Mean Girls, there were the Pink Ladies. Sport this clique’s look by using pink bomber jackets, pencil skirts or cropped pants, and scarves around your necks.

4. Victoria’s Secret Angels

Source: Talking with Tami 

Many aspire to be part of this band of fierce ladies who walk those glittery runways. PSA: EVERYONE can be a Victoria’s Secret Angel this Halloween, no matter your shape, race, or even gender (yup, we’re looking at you, boys). And no, you don’t need walk out the door wearing only lingerie and wings if you don’t feel like it. A pink robe, some beachy waves, and natural makeup will do the trick!

3. Spice Girls


Source: Metro Lyrics 

If your crush wants to be your lover, then he better get with your Spice Girls this 31st. Be Posh Spice of the group in a black or dark colored outfit with strappy heels, leopard print clothing and space buns for Scary Spice, and a pink dress and pigtails for Baby Spice. Ginger Spice’s signature look involved wearing anything with the Union Jack while Sporty Spice usually wore a crop top with track pants. You ladies better remember to walk out in platform shoes!

2. Scream Queens

Source: Scream Queens

How fun would it be to be called a Chanel? This 31st, you and your girlfriends could be The Chanels. Dress in head-to-toe pastel (go for pink, and Chanel Oberlin will instantly recruit you), faux fur, and oversized sunnies. Don’t forget the fuzzy earmuffs if you’re going as Chanel #3.

1. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Source: Getty Images via Racked

Dazzle everyone in the Halloween parties like how Romy and Michele did during their high school reunion. The key pieces to achieving their looks are shimmering pink and blue mini dresses paired with shiny platform heels, glitzy chokers and more bedazzled accessories. You’ll also need Michele’s messy high and half ponytail!   Liked this post? Follow The Girl on TV on Facebook and @thegirl_ontv on Instagram for more!