All the Drool-worthy Grub You Can Get at The Grid Food Hall

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There’s a new food destination in town and you’ll go crazy deciding which menu to choose from. The Grid Food Hall recently opened in Power Plant Mall in Makati and it’s safe to say that you’re in for a real treat.


The Grid is the creation of the same group of people who brought us the famous food court Hole in the Wall so you know you can expect some next-level gastronomic experience.


Even with all these existing choices, our tummies are growling for more because we can never get enough of great food. That’s why you need to check out The Grid and what they have to offer.


Sweet somethings

Sweets overload! ?#workshopbylesou

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Even if you’re not a fan of sweets, there’s always room for dessert. Bread? Check. Cheesecakes and brownies? Check and check. If you’re planning on satiating your sweet tooth, you’ll want to come by Workshop by Le Petit Souffle. Just looking at the menu sends you to sugar euphoria.


A taste of Tokyo

Gyokai tsukumen #thegridfoodmarket

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Tsukemen, ramen, and gyoza. This is where every Japanese food lover’s cravings end up. Tsuke-Men’s menu is developed by Japanese consultants and it’s currently open so if you haven’t tried them yet, we have to warn you that their Gyokai Tsukemen will send you straight to food coma.


Carnivore’s delights

Filipino foodies will go straight to Le Chon. They put a French twist to the classic Pinoy roasted pig dish. Choose your meat (chicken or pork belly), then the rub (sugarcane or butter), your sides, rice, and then your sauce. You also have tapas and pintxos served by Spanish resto Las Flores. They change up their menu often so make sure to try everything.


Maine dishes

If you haven’t tried the Maine-style seafood rolls by Bun Appetit, you’re missing out. They serve the classic lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls and all its delightful crustacean goodness will melt in your mouth. They recently added new menu items like Lobster Mac and Cheese so expect to salivate over that.


Diet-friendly options

To diet or to devour? Why not both? Bucky’s from Poblacion is known for their healthy dishes like their power and chia bowls, porridge, and their signature soft serve ice cream. It will open soon, so you don’t have to worry about compromising your diet.


Coffee and cocktails

After your feast, you’re going to need caffeine or maybe a little liquor to avoid falling into food coma. EDSA BDG is here for you, folks. They serve cocktails all day and every day and all the coffee blends you can think of, they probably serve. From espressos to Americano to Irish brews – they have it.


More stalls will open in the coming days including Risa Chocolates, La Chinesca, Ping Pong Diplomacy, and Umami Hambaagu House.


The Grid is located at R2 Level Expansion Power Plant Mall, Makati.

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