A Handy Guide of When and Where to Travel This Year

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It’s a new year, which means you’re probably thinking of where to head to in the next 12 months. In case the next seat sale comes up, we’ve provided you a calendar of happenings this year to help you narrow down and choose your next destination.


So mark your planners and get ready to file your vacation leaves because here’s where and when you should travel this 2019:



Head to Ilo-Ilo on January 25-27 for the famous Dinagyang Festival. Prep yourself because you’re going to be spending a whole lot of time outside your hotel—street parades, dance performances, and competitions are all a spectacle to see so don’t forget to bring sunscreen!



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願いをのせて天空に舞い上がる、ランタンが超幻想的‼︎?✨ 台湾の平渓ランタンフェスティバルでは、元宵節の夕暮れ後、数回に分けて一斉にランタンを飛ばします。1年に1度の風物詩。夜空に輝くロマンティックなランタンをあげるため、お祭り当日には台湾はじめ世界中から数万人の観光客が新平市平渓に集まります! 一生に一度は見てみたい感動の絶景☆ 天空を見上げながら、カメラのシャッターを切る手が止まりません…?✨ #台湾 #平渓 #ランタンフェスティバル #天燈節 #平渓天燈節 #フォトジェニック #絶景 #aruco #地球の歩き方 #海外旅行 #写真 #観光 #ガイドブック #プチぼうけん #女子旅 #ひとり旅 #taiwan #heikei #pingxi #lantan #lanthanum #travel #trip #aruco #arucomagazine 【aruco新刊・改訂版発行予定(2018年7~9月)】 改訂:2018年7月『arucoパリ'19~'20』 改訂:2018年7月『arucoホーチミン ダナン ホイアン'19~'20』 新刊:2018年7月『aruco magazine』 改訂:2018年8月『arucoイタリア'19~'20』 改訂:2018年8月『aruco台湾'19~'20』 改訂:2018年9月『arucoホノルル'19~'20』

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Travel north this month! To Taiwan, to be exact. On February 19, the annual Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival begins. Send your wishes and hopes up into the heavens and watch this beautiful 19th-century-old tradition light up the night skies.



Festivities are a-plenty this March. The Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan starts at the end of March and lasts until the middle of April. Snaps for your Instagram are going to be Sakura-filled and envied by many for sure.


If you want to join a colorful celebration, India’s Holi Festival will be held on March 20-21*. Also known as the “festival of love”, this experience will bathe you in the most vibrant colors. And speaking of colors, there’s absolutely no shortage of it in Brazil’s infamous Rio Carnival.


From March 1 through 9, the streets of Rio De Janeiro will be filled with revelers, floats, and dancers in extravagant costumes. It’s considered the biggest carnival in the world, so this is something you’d want to experience at least once.



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? جشن سال نو تایلند (Songkran) موسوم به جشن آب تایلند، یکی از معروف ترین جشن ها در تایلند می باشد که همه ساله در ماه آوریل (تقریبا اواخر فروردین) برگزار می گردد و مردم زیادی از سراسر جهان برای دیدن و شرکت در این جشن، به تایلند سفر می کنند. مردم تایلند معتقدند كه پاشیدن آب باعث خوش یمنی می شود. در این روز اعضای خانواده دور هم جمع می شوند تا احترام خود را به بزرگترها (خصوصا والدین) با ریختن آب خوشبو بر روی دست های آنها نشان دهند و در مقابل از دعای آنها برای خوش بختی و سعادت برخوردار شوند. در بعد از ظهر این روز نیز پس از ادای احترام به بودا و شستن آن، همه مردم از پیر و جوان به یکدیگر آب می پاشند و لذتی بینظیر را تجربه می کنند. این جشن به مدت 3 روز (البته در بعضی شهرها تا 5 و یا حتی 7 روز ادامه دارد) در سراسر تایلند برگزار می گردد و در شهرهای بزرگ تایلند نظیر بانکوک، پاتایا، پوکت و ساموئی بیشتر از خود اهالی این شهرها، توریست های علاقه مند از سراسر دنیا جمع می شوند و از این فضای شاد و هیجان انگیز لذت می برند. در مدت برگزاری این جشن، مراکز دولتی و ادارات تایلند تعطیل اند اما فروشگاه ها و مراکز تفریحی و رفاهی این کشور بطور شبانه روزی به توریست ها خدمات ارائه می دهند. برخلاف تصور عمده مردم دنیا، جشن آب به هیچ عنوان به معنای صرفا آب بازی و پاشیدن آب بر روی هم به قصد شادی و تفریح نمی باشد ( هر چند امروزه اینگونه شده است)؛ در این روز مردم مقدار کمی آب به روی هم می پاشند و اعتقاد آنها اینستکه این آب تمامی گناهان و بدی های سال گذشته را می شورد و با خود می برد. تجربه خود را با ما به اشتراک بگذارید . #تایلند #songkran #فستیوال #جشن_آب

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If you don’t mind a party that gets wet and wild, the Songkran Water Festival might be something you’ll be into. Thailand celebrates this event during the Buddhist New Year, from April 13-15 where everyone gets splashed with water.



The famous Thrissur Pooram Festival in India is a temple festival that has been going on for 200 years. Flocks of devotees gather at the Vadakkumnathan temple on May 13 where a procession of elephants, orchestra, and fireworks take place.



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It’s not just Indians who love getting messy during Holi. The world loves it just as much as us. There are a few festivals from around the globe that are as messy and as fun as Holi. You may know about the Tomatina festival of Spain, but do you know about the battle of wine? Well, no prizes for guessing what this one’s about.  Haro Wine Festival takes place every year in the town of Haro in the La Rioja region of northern Spain. It involves wine drinking competitions and contests and a 'Batalla de Vino' (Battle of Wine) where wines are poured at each other from buckets. Aww yeah!! ?? #winefest #festivalofwine #immerseinwine #harowinefestival #larioja #spain #battaladelvino #wine #festivalsoftheworld #igers #instashot #instadaily #curlytales #travel #wanderlust #wanderer #travelbug #globetrotters #bagpackers #spanish #culturetrip #culture #tradition #spanishlife

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Care to throw wine at people and be showered in wine yourself? The Haro Wine Festival in Spain is exactly that. After a procession and mass, the Battala de Vino (Battle of Wine) commences while the Mayor joins in while riding a horse. This epic battle happens on June 29. Game to get soaked?



The Boryeong Mud Festival is one hell of a fun festival in Korea—its big international attendance can attest to that. Taking place in a sleepy town called Boryeong around July 12 – 21*, people come en masse for some mud swimming, mud sliding, and just general mud fun.


The Boryeong mud is apparently high in minerals like germanium and bentonite, which are good for the skin. But aside from the skincare benefits, tourists come here for the fun and the people as it has become a sort of Spring Break-esque event.



Knights in shining armor, fair damsels, and swords make up the unique Medieval Week in Gotland Island, Sweden. Every year at August 5 to 12*, people do a re-enactment of Denmark’s King Valdemar IV’s ransacking of Visby.


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Nell'entroterra abruzzese c'è un paesino immerso nel verde dove ogni anno, per tre giorni magici, le stradine si riempiono di fantasia, arte, musica, pura poesia. Immaginate un'allegria sincera, che danza sulle note di tradizioni antiche e che unisce persone e storie da ogni dove, in un incontro mistico e folkloristico. ?✨ Questo posto è #Arsita e questa magia è Valfino al Canto. Grazie a tutti i suonatori, ai loro strumenti fantasiosi, ai compagni danzatori e agli organizzatori. Al prossimo anno ??? . . #Valfinoalcanto #festival @valfinoalcanto #lafestapiùbella #festa #party #happiness #streetmusic #folk #folklore #art #arte #poesia #poetry #allegria #suonatori #artisti #musica #music #traditions #tradizione #traditionalmusic #dancing #igersteramo #igersabruzzo #whatitalyis #explore

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Meanwhile, in Italy, a festival of good ol’ folk music happens in Valfino Al Canto on Aug 9-11. Musicians and buskers will be everywhere performing while everyone enjoys a hearty banquet of lamb stew.



Fly to beautiful Venice for a fancy tradition called Regatta Storica that takes place every first Sunday of September. Regatta Storica involves a boat parade and a rowing race, among other historical programs.



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Beers are Bigger in Berlin ? #Oktoberfest

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It’s insane to think that over 7 million people attend Oktoberfest in Germany and consume over 6 million liters of beer. The popular drinking fest starts Sept 21 and lasts until Oct 6—that’s a LOT of beer! Look for a place called Theresienwiese in Munich, where you’ll find tents that serve brews.



Much like the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival of Taiwan, the Loi Krathong Festival of Thailand is celebrated by sending up lanterns made of banana trunk and leaves. Thais see it as a way to say goodbye to misfortune, rid the sins of last year, and make wishes for the coming year.


If you want to get a headstart on your new year wishes, book a flight to the Land of Smiles on November 13.



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No other place puts up a dazzling firework show quite like how Sydney does. Australia is the first to ring in the New Year so if you want to be one of the first ones to celebrate it with a bang, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the place to be.


*Dates may vary


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