A Dessert Lover’s Paradise at St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert

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Founded in Adelaide, Australia, St. Louis has finally come to the Philippines to satisfy our most urgent of sugar cravings. This café has anything and everything our sweet (and savoury) tooth desires. Here are a few dishes that will make your heart flutter:


Treats for Yo Self

They’re called the House of Desserts for a reason. Go crazy with their sweet treats because there are plenty to choose from. Churros, waffles, fondues, crepes, dessert cocktails make up just a small fraction of their original dessert creations. The lush chocolate they use for their desserts is sourced from Davao, which means they’re supporting our local farmers too!

Chocolate Noir and Salted Caramel Waffle

Try the salty/sweet and decadent Chocolate Noir and Salted Caramel Waffle. With a generous shot of melted chocolate poured on the top, this dish is pure luxury.

St. Louie Fondue

Rich and velvety, St. Louis’ chocolate fondue doesn’t disappoint. It’s accompanied by sides of fresh strawberries, waffle bits, cinnamon sugar churros, and chocolate balls. Fun, interactive, and delectable, this dessert is perfect for date nights.


Banana Brownie Martini

Like an elegant sundae, the medley of textures and flavours in the Banana Brownie Martini will titillate your tastebuds.

Screaming for Ice Cream?

St. Louis’ flavorful ice creams and sorbets are produced in-house, made fresh everyday with quality ingredients. Don’t expect to be bombarded with sugar; these ice creams boast a sweetness that’s exactly on point. What makes these cold treats even more special is the texture—smooth and creamy.

They have classic flavors like Mint Choc and Cookies and Cream, as well as fun ones like Peanut Butter and Nutella and Cheeky Monkey. Pro tip: Don’t get their signature St. Louis if you want to remember your name. It’s. So. Good.

The smooth and creamy consistency of their ice creams translates excellently as shakes. A more toned down version of the over-the-top shakes trend, St. Louis’ shake doesn’t sacrifice taste for showmanship, but that doesn’t mean they’re not totally ‘grammable.

Wild Strawberry Shake

Breakfast of Champions

Did someone say all-day breakfast? Sold, sold, and sold.

Chia Bowl

Their bright and fresh Chia Pudding Bowl caters to the health conscious, whilst their other breakfast dishes such as their Pain au Chocolat and Louis’ French Toast are for those who think “diet” is a dirty word.

Coffee to Cocktails

Aside from food, St. Louis offers drinks to keep you up for the day and to enjoy your night.

Their coffee is roasted in the Philippines and _ using a hand-built Italian espresso machine.

Bakery for the Busy Bees

Late for a meeting? No problem! Their bakery has pastries and snacks to fill you up while you’re on the go.


BONUS: Never mind leaving the pets at home! St. Louis welcomes furry creatures with open arms.

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