8 Michelin-starred Restaurants in Asia

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Michelin stars are recognized as the highest honor in the world of dining and cuisine. The Michelin Guide uses stars as a rating system to grade restaurants based on their food quality. 1 star being very good, 2 meaning excellent, and 3 stars signifying exceptional.


As of 2018, there are over 621 Michelin-starred restaurants around the world but here are just a few right here in Asia.


8. Tim Ho Wan – Hong Kong


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People line up for hours outside this popular dim sum joint. By now you should know that they have some of the best steamed dumplings and pork buns you’ll ever taste. Once you’ve had a bite, you’ll get why they never run out of customers. They have branches around the world but if you have a chance to visit the original one in Hong Kong, do it.


7. Paste – Bangkok

This is a must-visit in Thailand, period. Their menu is an array of creative and sophisticated Thai dishes that will linger in your mind days after you’ve tasted them. Not only is it crazy good but they’re affordable AF too. Who said Michelin restaurants should be expensive?


6. Tsuta – Tokyo

Everyone already knows Tokyo is at the top of every foodies’ list. But with the endless ramen bars in Japan, it’s pretty tough to choose just one. Tsuta, however, was the first to be awarded the coveted Michelin stars. This relatively tiny place (a nine-seater!) established a ticketing system to secure your reservations because they are that big of a deal.


5. Joël Robuchon – Singapore

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Located on the island of Sentosa, this fine dining restaurant is the epitome of fancy. Run by the decorated and renowned culinary icon Joël Robuchon, it is the only restaurant in Singapore awarded with 3 Michelin stars. If you wish to try their exquisitely original French cuisine, you better wear something bougie because this place has a dress code.


4. The Eight – Macau

The Eight is located in Grand Lisboa, one of the flashiest buildings in Macau and is the only Chinese cuisine in the city to hold the highest accolade of 3 stars. They have a very elaborate menu comprised of over 400 dishes of premium, authentic Chinese food. Talk about majestic.


3. Gaon – Seoul

Though this restaurant doesn’t boast anything grandiose or extravagant like The Eight does, the master chefs at Gaon provide only the finest and exceptionally authentic Korean food with ingredients that are humble but rich with unique and natural flavors.


2. Ultraviolet – Shanghai

Dubbed as the most innovative restaurant, Ultraviolet’s goal is to give their customers a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Only accommodating 20 diners a night, they offer a 20-course European-style menu that are all insanely innovative and avante-garde. As each set is served, different sceneries are projected onto the windowless walls of the bunker-type space, letting diners immerse in various environments that go well with their food.


1. Le Palais – Taiwan

The lavishly furnished place looks like a setting perfect for a James Bond movie scene. Le Palais is an establishment famous for their top-quality Cantonese cuisine like their crispy roast duck and egg custard tarts.


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