8 Instagram Captions We’re Retiring this 2018

By  - 6 years ago

It’s 2018, but some of us are still recycling the same old Instagram captions over and over again. Maybe it’s time we should stop overusing these captions and try something new – who knows, this could get you more likes!

“Short hair, don’t care”

Photo from @laureenmuy

Every time someone gets a major haircut, this is always the default caption. We know you’re excited about your fresh new style. Just say you think you look cute and go because let’s face it – you do care about your new hair.


 “Never gets old”

Photo from @mari_jasmn

Sometimes, it does. Along with “Oldie but goodie”, this caption deserves an upgrade. When posting about your favorite dish or favorite vacation spot, jazz your caption up a little by saying it’s “Forever iconic” or “This dish still slays; I don’t make the rules”. Something with more emotion.


“Take me back”

Photo from @kryzzzie

Who are you talking to when you use this? Unless it’s a passive aggressive call to someone who funded your trip, retire the phrase and just say you’re nostalgic about your trip to Japan 3 years ago and will continue to be until the next seat sale.


“Touchdown _____!”

Photo from @vernenciso

Instead of saying this, maybe you can search the equivalent of it in the country’s local lingo or dialect. Be more creative and exciting, especially if it’s a place you’ve never been to. Unless the plane literally just landed when you post a pic, it’s time we change this to something else.


“Vitamin sea”

Photo from @kimijuan

It’s cute, but it’s too common now. There are so many elements of the beach that you can use to turn into a pun – sand, sky, waves, sun, and seashells among many others. You can be funny and different by saying “I’m going back to this beach for shore” or something with more hook.


“Salt in my hair, sand between my toes”

Photo from @andieigengirl

The beach is more than salt and sand. Why not mention about the seaweed, starfish, tiny shells, and the UV rays of the sun that get on you too? Be more adventurous and observe other things you see on the beach the next time you upload your summer pics.


“Dinner with this one”

Photo from @camiejuan

We get it – you’re not about calling your S.O. by their name or pet name for the ‘Gram to be more casual and cute. “Netflix with this one”. Are there other ones? How many are there? Maybe try using the one, instead. It’s cheesier but hey, at least we know you actually stick to one.


“Woke up like dis”

Photo from @itscamilleco

There are a bunch of other ways to say that you’re feeling effortlessly fresh at 9 a.m. in the morning. There are also a lot of other great lines from Beyonce’s songs that you can use other than this one. Try “I’m flawless” for once. No humble-bragging, no fishing, just straight to the point confident.

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