6 Mouthwatering Burgers in Manila

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If you’re craving for a burger right now, you’ve come to the right place! To celebrate the Pinoys love for this meaty and greasy American dish, we rounded the best burgers in the metro, from the most popular down to the most underrated.


Ready for a cheat day? Scroll to see the top contenders!  


6. Zark’s Burger

If you want a quick burger fix, Zark’s won’t disappoint. The classic taste and hefty size of their burgers are enough to keep your cravings satisfied. The best part? Their prices are wallet-friendly; you can already indulge in a towering ‘Jawbreaker’ burger at only P299! Currently, Zark’s has over 18 branches in the country so it’s one of the most accessible burger joints out there.


5. 8 Cuts Burger Blends


Juicy and greasy—this is how everyone likes their burgers, and 8 Cuts Burger Blends has truly mastered it. What sets this joint apart from the others is its customize-your-burger offering where you can select from 8 cuts of 100% U.S. beef meat (chuck, rib eye, short rib, sirloin, brisket, hanger, flank, and oxtail). Pair it up with their addictive skinny fries and you’re in for a treat.


4. Sweet Ecstasy

Perfect for the midnight crawlers, Sweet Ecstasy is open until the wee hours. This American diner-inspired burger place has been famous for its no-frills cheeseburgers that are best enjoyed with Sweet Ecstasy’s classic vanilla milkshake on the side. P.S. They also offer an alcohol-infused milkshake.


3. B&B Burgers and Brewskies

Call the Nurse!

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If you love a good burger-and-beer combo, B&B Burgers and Brewskies will hit the spot. But apart from that, this burger joint wins when it comes to fillings—one of their best selling ‘Call the Nurse’ burger, for instance, is packed with a hefty amount of beef patty, bacon, mac and cheese, cheese sauce, and spicy mustard. Who can say no to this?  


2. Burger Geek

Burger Geek takes their burgers seriously. For proof, they formulated a special “Geek” sauce and a cooking method for the best-tasting patties: chefs smash or press the patties down when being cooked to develop an A+ crusty exterior with a juicy center. Treat yourself to their best selling ‘Class President’, a stack of American cheese, smashed patty, lettuce, tomato, crispy bacon, shiitake mushroom, onion rings, and BBQ sauce!


1. The Beef

The Beef is definitely one of the go-to stalls at Hole in the Wall. It boasts its tagline “The best uncluttered burger on this side of the planet.” Their soft, buttery, and juicy cheeseburger (with a side of fries, no less!) will make you forget your name. Their no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point burgers are what makes The Beef a must-visit on your burger joint checklist.


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