6 Easy Eyeshadow Techniques for Different Eye Shapes

By  - 6 years ago

We’ve all been through this makeup tutorial horror story. When you flawlessly follow all the complexion steps, swipe on blush like no one’s business, dab on lipstick like a pro… only to have your eyeshadow turn into a blotchy mess.

But there’s hope! It’s not your makeup skills, it’s your eye shape. Sorry to say, but not all of us are blessed with lots of lid space or an easy crease for eyeliner. Just because one look works for your favorite guru, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

So here’s a beginner’s guide that will hopefully solve some of your eyeshadow woes!



Almond eyes are the most versatile out of all eye shapes. Lucky you if you have this shape. The trick is to increase depth and intensity to give that come-hither gaze.

Step 1: Sweep a light shade over entire eyelid

Step 2: Choose a medium shade on the outer corners

Step 3: Then using a darker shade, apply it on your lower and upper lash lines



If you have little to no crease on your eyelids and no brow bone protruding, you have monolids. For this type of shape, the secret is to give your eyes dimension.

Step 1: Sweep a light shade over entire eyelid

Step 2: Using a darker shade, contour above the lid to create a crease

Step 3: To give your eyes a more defined look, apply a dark matte color on your upper lash line



Hooded eyes means that your natural crease is hidden and your eyelids aren’t very visible. This type is perfect for contouring and fun to play around with because of the eyelid space.

Step 1: Sweep a light shade over entire lid

Step 2: Use a darker shade to blend into the crease, diffusing it upwards

Step 3: Apply dark matte shade on the upper lash line, blending it upwards



Those with round eyes have a bigger and rounder shape than the almond type. Those with round eyes also have more whites of their eyes more visible. To maximize the shape, it is recommended to elongate and create the width.

Step 1: Apply a light shade all over lid, including crease

Step 2: Use a darker shade to apply on the outer corners of upper and lower lash lines

Step 3: Line the upper lash line and extend it outwards and up to create an elongating effect.



You have downturned eyes if the outer corners slightly droop. But you can use this to your advantage! This shape is actually great for the cat eye look so you can be adventurous with lining your eyes.

Step 1: Sweep a light shade from inner lid and across the entire lid

Step 2: To enhance outer corners, apply a dark shade to the outer crease

Step 3: Line outer corners of the upper lash lines with a dark matte shade


The opposite of the downturned shape, the outer corners of this shape is lifted upwards. The lid area is more visible and it is perfect for a smokey eye look.

Step 1: Divide the lid surface vertically and apply light shade on the inner half

Step 2: Use a medium shade on the outer half

Step 3: Using a dark shade, line the outer corners of the upper and lower lash lines

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