6 Celebrity Couples and Why We Ship Them

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It’s no secret that Pinoys go bananas over love teams. We just love seeing two people with kilig-inducing chemistry end up together. But unlike the love teams that provide fan service with their scripted shows, these IRL couples make us long for The One that is still out there for us.


1. Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones


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Why we ship them: They travel the world together in style and are not ashamed to consistently show the world how much they love each other. They both come from different backgrounds but end up together in a path to forever. It’s the stuff of fairytales.

2. Nadine Lustre and James Reid

Our first photo together in 2018 ?

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Dreams come thru

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Why we ship them: From reel to real – this pair started out as co-workers for a while before James realized that a day without Nadine is difficult. We saw how their onscreen chemistry developed into more than something for show. Let’s also not forget that James revealed his love for her for the first time in front of an audience on live TV. How often does that happen?


3. Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico

Bebuuuuuuu! 2 years since we offficialized what we have been building for 7! Life is so full of challenges and disappointments, but it is the person you choose to be with that makes all those a journey! We made many mistakes and we are so different in so many aspects, but we are ONE when we are together and that's all that matters! I never believed I could love someone so much or becoming so sweet (I am re reading what I just wrote and I can't believe how sweet I am, like super sweet) Our marriage is far from being perfect but it is always fun and full of love! As someone once said: "If you like watermelons learn to deal with the seeds" … Not sure who said that, pretty sure it was me! Also not sure if it makes sense ? but I am sure that #forevermakessense (wink wink). Te amo @solenn. Pretty much our marriage in a picture ☝

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Why we ship them: We’re always told to marry someone who’ll make us laugh. These two found that in each other and we can’t help but be entertained by their silliness. These two goofballs don’t take themselves too seriously but you can see how seriously committed they are to each other on their social media.

4. Drew Arellano and Iya Villania

BEH bridge. ? (photo by @javyo)

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Why we ship them: They both have a penchant for adventure and active sports so it’s cute to see them going on a life adventure of their own as they build a new family. If you follow them on Instagram, you’ll see how dedicated they are to their small family. They are the epitome of #familygoals.


5. Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati

Mood ?

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don't mind being cheesy with you 24/7???

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Why we ship them: Their picturesque life together has set a high standard for us all. Though they have 2 kids, the couple still has time to step out, throw a party, and travel. Their love for their growing family is evident just like their love for living their best life as a young couple.

6. Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger

Enchanté mademoiselle ?

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Can’t feel the traffic with this beauty beside me?

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Make her smile

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Why we ship them: A Miss Universe and an attractive sports car racer? It’s no doubt a lethal combination. Their photos together always look like a magazine cover and they’re both so intent on posting cheesy and sweet stuff about each other. If you don’t go ‘awww’ at their captions, what are you?


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