5 Ways to Dress Corporate Chic During the Summer

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Don’t get us wrong. We love the sun and its warmth if we were on vacation, wearing our bikinis and getting the perfect shade of tan. It is a different story, however, on a normal day when we have to be fully clothed and covered for work. Fret not, ladies! There are stylish ways to still look office-appropriate while beating the summer heat.


5. Pajama set

Satin is your best friend this summer since it feels soft and light on the skin, perfect for high temperatures. That is why we’re not saying goodbye to the pajama trend just yet. The material is classy enough to wear for corporate, but also lightweight to stand sunny seasons. A pajama top paired with your favorite trousers will do too!

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4. Slip dress

Why stick to thick suits when you can be in breezy and flowy slip dresses? Choose one with length and darker hues to suit the office, and don’t forget to layer with a thin coat to keep you warm.

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3. Bold prints

Pinstripes are not the only acceptable print in the workplace. Try updating your work wardrobe with bolder prints like checked. You can wear lighter and shorter articles with this design without looking too casual.

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2. Blazer

Topping any outfit with a blazer instantly makes it dressier even if you’re just wearing a tee and jeans or a blouse and skirt. Opt for a printed or plain one in neutral tones for more formal environments. The best thing about it? You can take it off anytime when it gets hotter.

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1. White Tee

You could wear a white tee in the office?! Sure, you can! The key though is to pair it with a nice pair of trousers and not your worn out ripped jeans. Consider flared denims, wide-legged pants or culottes for a change.

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