5 Ways to Achieve Dreamy Pearly Whites

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Have you ever felt unconfident to smile for the camera because you don’t have a sparkling set of white teeth? We feel you, and trust us — you’re not alone.

There are a lot of factors to consider why our teeth turns yellow. It could be poor diet, aging, caffeine consumption, nicotine, and in some cases it could even be hereditary. It’s not always our fault. If you wish to give your teeth a makeover, here are the best ways you can do so.


5. Home remedies

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Baking soda, strawberries, salt, and hydrogen peroxide are all accessible items that you can easily find in your home or buy at the grocery. These ingredients are actually some of the helpful ingredients that can restore your pearly whites but don’t expect immediate, life-changing results overnight!


4. Brushing teeth after eating or drinking

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This requires persistence but it does help if you develop a habit of brushing your teeth after every meal. Though not all food cause discoloration on your teeth, over time, drinking sodas, coffee, alcohol can all lead to staining so you better start cultivating a brushing habit as early as now.


3. Cut back on coffee, tea, and cigarettes

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If you smoke or drink coffee often, this can be a problem if you want whiter teeth. This may not be the easiest but it does save you the hassle of curing stained teeth. A lifestyle change and a proper, healthy diet isn’t easy but it would help you avoid discolored teeth.


2. Oil pulling

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This is an old school method but dental experts still recommend this. Oil pulling is basically taking a spoonful of coconut oil and swishing it around in your mouth for 20 minutes. Coconut oil is said to have antimicrobial properties so it helps protect the teeth and gums.


1. Find a place that offers safe and effective teeth whitening

The Smile Bar is exactly what you’re looking for if you want instant dreamy pearly whites. You can get 2-9 shades whiter teeth by taking single, double, or triple whitening sessions. A single whitening session takes only 20 minutes, so it won’t take much of your day.


Make sure to top it off with Nano Seal Total+ technology, so you don’t have to wait the usual 72 hours before drinking or eating your favorite food. Plus, you can book your appointment online! Check out our video to see the amazing results when we tried it ourselves!



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