5 Unusual Cakes to Enjoy if You’re Tired of the Usual

By  - 6 years ago

You’ve had countless birthdays eating the same old cake. Why don’t you try something new this year? Below are five out-of-the-ordinary cakes you’ll enjoy digging into after making a wish!


5. sushi cake

If you live and breathe sushi, then you will go crazy with this savory cake.

Php 1,200

Sushi Nori made sure to pack it with lots of salmon, tuna, tamago, roe, layers of Japanese rice, and seaweed. It’s finished off with sesame seeds and a secret sauce.


4. saumon caviar cake

The wine is already out for your special day, might as well pair it with a saumon caviar cake!

Php 999 – 3,200

This lavish creation by Saumon Caviar Cake is made with layers of cream cheese, capers, eggs, and more cream cheese, but the final layer takes the cake. It’s loaded with quality caviar and adorned with smoked salmon rolled into roses. Time to bring out the cheese and crackers!


3. cookie cake

Calling all cookie monsters in the metro! Happy Pill Desserts just made your dough dreams come true with this sweet treat made of extra large cookies!

Php 880

It features layered Signature Hefty Hunk Cookies, garnished with all of your favorite chocolates, and finally drizzled with some gooey chocolate sauce. Got milk?


2. creme brûlée cake

The Pastry Cart took the little French pastry and created a larger version, easily becoming a favorite of many.

Photo by The Spoiled Mummy

Php 1,000

The Creme Brulee Cake is two layers of fluffy chiffon sandwiching vanilla cream in the middle. It is then topped with creamy custard and lots of sugar that is perfectly caramelized to a crispy finish.


1. ube leche flan cake

Avid fan of Filipino sweets? Bellefleur by Beatrix combined two of the most loved local desserts and made a masterpiece that is the Ube Leche Flan Cake.

Php 500

It is a double decker of alternating layers of moist ube cake and melt-in-your-mouth leche flan.


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