5 Tita Approved Activities to Do on a Friday Night

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It’s Friday night. You just got off work and you’re pretty much free for the rest of the evening. Just when you’re about to call your girls and make plans, you realize one thing: you’ve gotten tired of the usual scenery: strobe lights, couples making out ten feet away from you, boys you’re totally uninterested in trying to get your number. You’ve also noticed that loud music makes your ears hurt, and going out to go clubbing consumes just too much energy.

Welcome to the titas club. Here are five fun tita approved activities to do on a night out.

5. Home Spa Service

Because girls who face mask together, stay together! (And reap the benefits of good skin care, too).

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4. Korean Series Marathon

Don’t forget to stock up on tissue because K dramas will always make you cry.


3. Yoga Sesh

Put on your cutest workout clothes and bring out those mats!

2. Play boardgames

Just promise us one thing: try not to get in a fight. Please.

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1. Wine and Cheese Night
Going outside to drink may not be your thing anymore, but you didn’t hear anyone complaining about drinking in the comfort of her own home, did you?

When your friend knows what makes you happy ????Thanks to the #PowerCouple Tat&Toni ?

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