5 Simple Workouts to Stay Fit After the Feast Days

By  - 5 years ago

The holidays are over, and if there’s anything we all gained, it would be a ton of memories, presents, and most of all, extra calories! We know, we know. Getting back on track is easier said than done, but trying out these simple workouts below is a great place to start. Remember: a quick workout session is better than no workout.


So if you’re ready to burn all the lechon and pancit you ate, switch into your comfy clothes and let’s get started!



Power Vinyasa Yoga


Start easy with a few yoga stretches. This 12-minute Power Vinyasa yoga workout will help remove blockages and ease bloating—it’s just what you need after overindulging for days. The stimulating posture flows will help boost metabolism as well, prepping your body for the other workouts you’ll be doing. If you’re a yoga newbie, don’t fret; this class is relaxingly slow and easy!



Arm toning


This dumbbell-free arm workout seems too easy at first; you might even feel like the workout isn’t doing anything. Wait after a few minutes, though, and you’ll start to feel the burn in your arms! The best part? You can complete this entire 7-minute arm workout while sitting down. Lazy girls, rejoice!


Leg toning


The positive energy of Youtuber and fitness instructor Cassey Ho, mostly known as Blogilates, makes this leg workout as fun and as motivating as possible. This 8-minute routine is all about the slow but killer fat-burning movements such as single leg squats and lifts, squat circles, and alternate heel lifts.

Belly fat burner

Drop the holiday leftover you’re snacking on and get on the floor. This 5-minute ab workout is composed of only five exercises, including side planks, hip thrust, spiderman planks, oblique crunches, and full sit-ups. It may be a quick workout, but you’ll certainly feel the burn in your belly afterward.



Full body detox

If you want to work on your legs, abs, and arms in one go, you can’t go wrong with a high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This workout routine involves short bursts of intense exercise, which means it won’t fail to make you sweat and get your heart racing.


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