5 Short Dresses You Can Wear to a Wedding

By  - 7 years ago

Let’s face it: long gowns do not flatter everybody, even more so when you’re fun-sized. No matter how beautiful the design might be, if the length doesn’t suit you, then back to the rack it goes. Thank God for cocktail dresses. Here are 5 that you can rock this wedding season:


Php 6,650.00 – Keepsake via ShopLCP

Photo from ShopLCP


Php 7,849.99 – Bardot via Zalora

Photo from Zalora


Php 5,490.00 – H&M

Photo from H&M


Php 5,500.00 – Topshop

Photo from Topshop


Php 9,500.00 – Miss Selfridge

Photo from Miss Selfridge

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