5 Productive Ways to Procrastinate

By  - 7 years ago

Get something done while you avoid your long list of to dos. Here are five productive ways to procrastinate.

5. Post What You Need to Do on Social Media

Need to get something done? Tweet your checklist for the day to hold yourself accountable. Who knows? You might actually live up to it and get everything done.

4. Hang Out…

…with friends whose time management games are A+. According to science, modeling, or following the steps of someone who’s been rewarded for one’s success, is an effective way to change one’s negative behavior.

3. Read a Book

Feeling uninspired to work? Bury a book under your nose and start absorbing and discovering new worlds.

2. Reach a state of inbox nirvana.

There’s nothing like the zen that inbox zero brings.

1. Bullet journal your week ahead.

Keep yourself busy by planning out what needs to be done. Keep the pages of your journal Instagram-worthy by playing around with stickers and washi tapes. READ: These 5 Cute Organizers Will Make You Want to Get Your Life Together

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