5 Makeup Tips from Catriona Gray for That Miss Universe Approved Beat

By  - 5 years ago

Our queen is finally back on Philippine soil, but today she’s gracing us with more than just her beauty!

In a video with Vogue, she recreates her pageant winning makeup look so everyone back home can follow along and cop it themselves. She uses a mix of high end and drugstore-priced faves, but we’ll leave it to her to tell you how to finesse it like a queen.

She also dropped a few super useful makeup tips that are sure to up your makeup game! Read on.

TIP 1: Redness? Tackle it with a green-tinted eye cream

Redness is something that’s hard to cover up for some of us, and Catriona reveals it’s something she fixes at the start of her routine. Instead of using correcting concealers, tackle redness around the eyes and nose with some green-tinted eye cream.

TIP 2: Apply more eyelash glue on the ends of your falsies

Nothing is more annoying in the middle of a big event than feeling your lashes slowly falling off the corners! Unless you just so happen to have lash glue laying around, it’s a makeup situation that’s nearly impossible to fix.

Catriona’s answer? Double up on the lash glue at the corners. It’s basically insurance for a hassle free falsie experience, so don’t be stingy!

TIP 3: For fuller lashes, stack your falsies

If you want to be extra flirty with your lashes, don’t be shy to stack ‘em up! This is a great way to make the thin lashes you have laying around be more dramatic and glam.

Bonus tip from the queen herself is not to curl your natural lashes too much! You wouldn’t want them curlier than your falsies.

TIP 4: Use a clear lash glue to tame your brows

If you don’t have brow gel laying around, a clear lash glue and a spoolie will do the trick! Catriona claims that this trick helps her brows stay put all day and all night.

The trick is to brush the product through your brows, then lay them flat. Don’t worry about the product being too white — it’ll dry down eventually.

TIP 5: Can’t rock brown lipstick? Add a dab of red

In the Vogue tutorial, Cat gives us 2 lipstick options to rock with this signature look — a 90s inspired brown, and a bodacious red.

For the brown shade, she exclaims that people would quip that they can’t pull off the color themselves. But no fear, because Catriona’s fix to make it more wearable is easy.

Just dab on a bright red shade in the center and blend it out. This gives a fresher take on the grungey brown.


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