5 Local Rising Artists That Give Us All the Feels

By  - 6 years ago

As much as we love international hits, nothing beats OPM music—especially when it comes to #hugot songs. These tracks, after all, give us all the feels, with its lyrics being so relatable!


Below, check out this talented bunch of Filipino artists, and while you’re at it, start listening to their music, too—that is, if you haven’t already!


Moira Dela Torre

Admit it: Moira’s “hugot” music made you ugly-cry at one point. With her angelic voice and emotional way of singing, this OPM artist easily tugs at your heartstrings! And so, it comes as no surprise that many of her emotion-filled songs served as the soundtrack of romantic blockbuster films like Camp Sawi, Love You to The Moon and Back, and The Hows of Us. Go ahead, play Moira’s music and sing your heart out!



Clara Benin

Listen to one of Clara Benin’s songs—may it be a cover or an original track—and you’ll instantly fall for her soothing and calming vocals; it’s the kind you’d want to hear when you’re lounging at a coffee shop. With an album, a sold-out concert, and a growing fan base up her sleeve, the future is looking bright for this young indie-folk artist.


Keiko Necesario

When you’re in need of chill OPM tracks to play on loop, Keiko Necesario is the artist you ought to search on Spotify. This up-and-comer’s raspy yet soulful voice will melt your hearts on a slow Sunday morning. This year, Keiko is making headlines as she’s the singer behind the perky soundtracks of rom-com film Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wifi and the #hugot tracks of upcoming movie Nakalimutan Ko Nang Kalimutan Ka. Upbeat or mellow, this girl can do both!


Coeli San Luis

Forget guitars for a moment. Coeli has an interesting choice of instrument: cello! In her first single Magkaibigan o Magka-ibigan, the classical instrument’s dramatic sound and Coeli’s captivating high notes were a match made in music heaven. As her vocals go from strong and powerful to soft and gentle, this up-and-coming singer’s entrancing music about love will make you feel a whirlwind of emotions.


Leanne & Naara

Leanne and Naara is a breath of fresh air. Together, this promising duo’s silky smooth vocals pairs well with the laid-back and uplifting music they create. After releasing four original songs—their first-ever single called Again currently has 11,120,689 plays on Spotify—and gigs here and there, Leanne and Naara is slowly making a mark in the local music scene. If you need a feel good music to perk up your day, this duo’s chill tracks are exactly what you need.


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