5 Life Hacks Only Boss Babes Know

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It’s not easy being a #girlboss. You are constantly multi-tasking, on-the-go, and dealing with different sources of stress, not to mention you have to do it all under this scorching Philippine heat. You have to be able to manage all these to prevent yourself from getting overworked or worse, sick.

Here are tips you can follow to help you own the day, come what may!


Meet and greet

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Being the #girlboss you are, you can confidently survive any hectic day, even one filled with back-to-back meetings, presentations, and deadlines.

Stress can overwork the glands that regulate your electrolyte levels, so don’t let it consume you. Instead, plan ahead so you can manage your priorities and organize your appointments. Remember to allot breaks in between so you have time to rest and rehydrate yourself.


A queen is never late

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To events, that is. Fashionably late might be a thing but not in this case, especially if it’s your event. Delaying will just cause you more stress, panic, and problems.

A girl-in-charge will be fashionably early so she can maximize her grace period to resolve any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. But should things get chaotic, she will keep her cool and grace under pressure with the help of occasional hydration.


Brave to rave

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As a social butterfly, you’ve got to be ready for a looong night because calling it a day at 11 pm won’t just cut it. Prep well before attending a music fest or a party by eating oily food and lots of carbs to build your tolerance and energy.

After your night out, don’t wait till you get a hangover before hydrating. Take precautionary measures before you hit the sack, and replace the fluid you lost with water and a drink packed with ions with no additives like Gatorade Ion.


Beach, please

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It might be the season of typhoons but days in this tropical country can still get pretty hot. Whether you’re just strolling by the beach or riding the waves of La Union or Baler, you have to match the intensity of the heat with your fluid intake. Don’t forget to pack at least a liter of a hydrating and nutrient-packed drink in your beach bag!


Conquer the climb

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You and your hiking buddies will find that there ain’t no mountain high enough for as long as you are equipped with a drink that can replenish and hydrate you with every sip. Make sure to fill your jug with an isotonic drink that can do just that and more.


Days could get busy and incredibly hot. That’s why it’s important to be careful when going through your day-to-day activities. Boss babes need to take the extra step to take care of themselves since they tend to overlook the little things when they are too preoccupied.

Plan ahead and organize your tasks to lighten the load. Take a breather and calm down when it gets too crazy. Reward yourself with trips to celebrate achievements. Stay cool, refreshed, and hydrated with a drink that can give you back all the fluid and nutrients you lost. Gatorade Ion can do that for you!

Gatorade Ion is packed with ions, is low in sodium, and has no preservatives to help you recover from all the stress, exhaustion, and dehydration. Make sure to bring one with you while on the go, so you don’t forget to drink and hydrate!


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