5 Eyeshadow Palettes That Were Made To Slay This Summer

By  - 7 years ago

This summer, it’s time to ditch the everyday neutrals and boring browns for something a little more vibrant. Here are our top 5 palettes that will give you that extra oomph.

5. Royal Peach Palette

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Kylie is definitely an eyeshadow novice no more. With several neutral and burgundy palettes up her sleeve, this time she went for something more bright and daring. This palette comes with 12 shadows in matte, satin, and metallic finishes. That bright, royal blue is the perfect accent colour to stand out.

Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach palette, $45

4. Blow Me Away Palette

Blow me away ?? #SprungOnColourPop

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Colourpop’s Super Shock Eyeshadows have made their rounds in the makeup community as one of the best drugstore-priced eyeshadows. Since then, the company made their first venture into pressed powders, and has come up with this coral monochrome palette consisting of 3 mattes and 1 duochrome.

Colourpop Blow Me Away palette, $18

3. Androgyny Palette

This beauty is Jeffree Star’s take on a “neutral palette” and it’s absolutely not for plane Janes. It comes in 2 finishes—ultra matte and metallic—with pigment like no other. If you’re an offbeat babe with daring summer looks in mind, this one is right for you.

Jeffree Star Androgyny palette, $45

2. The Saharan Palette

This indie beauty brand has made a name for itself by having one of the best creamy formulas available on the market. They formulate their colors specifically for darker skin tones, but we’re absolutely obsessed with how well they work on everyone on the spectrum!

Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette, $28

1. The Mermaid Palette

This one’s for folk who love a little whimsy, because let’s face it—what’s summer without the incessant want to become a mermaid? With every purchase of this palette, $1 goes to the Marine Mammal Center, so you get to look good and help out your fishy friends!

KG Beauty The Mermaid Palette, $36