5 Cute Things Every Traveller Girl Needs This Summer

By  - 7 years ago

This is the ultimate wish list for the free-spirited girl who loves to travel.

5. Organic Sunscreen

Some sunscreens harm sea corals once they wash off your skin, so it’s best to go organic when hitting the beach. Human Nature’s Safe Protect does the job whilst being environment-friendly, too.

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4. A Handy Travel Journal

Write about your travel stories in a journal. Checking items off your bucket list on paper is also a different experience altogether.

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3. Pretty Passport Holders


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2. Waterproof Bags

Every traveller girl needs a waterproof bag to keep her essentials safe and dry from water and sand.

1. A Hammock

Because it’s a good idea to dream under the stars, by the shore, atop a hill, or anywhere your feet will take you.

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