5 Cool Shoes to Wear for The Rainy Season

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The rainy season is back in full force, which means it’s time to weather-proof our wardrobe—

especially when it comes down to footwear. Luckily, with the rise of stylish waterproof wear, there are plenty more shoe options than rain boots! So go ahead, brave the gloomy weather in style with our favorite picks below:



5. Doc Martens boots

Source: Who What Wear UK


Don’t let the rain stop you from looking edgy AF. Step out in a pair of high-cut boots; it’s sturdy and elevated, which means stepping on puddles will be the least of your worries.


Pascal Boots, P 7,990, Dr. Martens





4. Dark-colored sneakers


Source: Sneakers UK Store


Tuck away your favorite pair of white kicks for now. When dressing for downpours, opt for dark-colored sneakers so it could mask any mud or stain.

Men’s Nike Air Huarache Shoes, P 5,219, Nike


3. Birkenstock sandals



Source: Who What Wear


Summer may be over, but don’t tuck away your slip-ons just yet. Ideal for short walks in the rain, Birkenstock has rubber versions of its classic two-strap sandals. You may get your feet wet with this style, but it’ll dry up a lot quicker unlike with leather slip-ons.

Arizona EVA Sandals, P 2,250, Birkenstock


2. Jelly shoes



Source: Who What Wear


For shoes that won’t ever get soaked, jelly shoes are the way to go! Don’t worry, these plastic, candy-colored babies from the ‘00s now come in trendier styles. Who wouldn’t love these jelly mules? It’s chic and rain-proof.   

Zen Flat Slides, P 3,250, Melissa





1. Patent shoes


Source: Who What Wear


Meet the stylish alternative to rubber rain boots. With its glossy surface, patent leather works just as well in repelling water but only when it’s drizzling outside.

Mid-heel ankle boots with a patent finish, P 2,590, Stradivarius


Grace Patent Classic Sneakers, P 1,739, Addicts Anonymous



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