5 Boring Gifts You’d Actually Want To Receive This Christmas

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While we’re all for world peace, justice, love, and everything else Kelly Clarkson sang about in her famous song, we also have some more practical items to add to our Grown Up Christmas Wish List.

These five boring gifts are something you’d actually want to get, admit it.

5. Umbrellas

In a country with unpredictable weather, who wouldn’t want a cute and handy umbrella?

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4. Socks

Sorry, eight-year-old selves. We know how you hated receiving these as presents before, but they’re actually an outfit staple.

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3. Coffee Tumblers

We all want one to keep us fuelled up all day (and night).

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2. Desk Organizers

For neat-freaks, it’s always about having your work desk aesthetics on point.

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1. Moleskines 

Even in the age of iPhones and iPads, nothing beats writing notes and ideas down, the good, old-fashioned way. These high-end notebooks are durable, fashionable, lightweight, and chic, which is perfect for go-getters.

Did we miss anything on the list? Share your thoughts with us!

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