5 Best International Spots to Celebrate Your Bachelorette Party

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We’ve covered local destinations where you can celebrate your bachelorette, but in case you and your entourage are considering going the extra mile and booking an international flight, we’re here to make a few suggestions.

Wedding prep can be stressful so the bride-to-be only deserves the best for her last days of being single. Jot down notes because these are our recommendations.


Sunset drinks and sun tans at Bali, Indonesia

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There’s an abundance of beach clubs in Bali, but the hottest and most frequented one is Panama Kitchen and Pool which is decked out with an outdoor bar, a pool, and a cafe. It’s also a perfect spot to have brunch with your favorite bunch. Head to Single Fin Bali for drinks while bumping to music. Don’t forget to lounge around in your bikinis at The Lawn Cangu.


Nightlife immersion in Hong Kong

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When you hear of Hong Kong these days, it is uttered in the same sentence as the word shopping. But Hongkong has a banging nightlife that can probably compete with Las Vegas. PDT (Please Don’t Tell) is a mecca for those who crave for New York-style cocktails and mainstream clubs like Volar, Yojimbo, and Oma breathe life into the urban city at night.


Chill or seek thrills in Macau


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Casinos aren’t the only hotspots around here. There’s an abundance of heritage and religious sites, museums, and cultural shows the bride and her entourage can enjoy. Visit the ruins of St. Paul or A-Ma Temple for a quiet day trip or drive along Guia Circuit where the Macau Grand Prix takes place. Tour around Macau Museum or if you want a more exhilarating experience, go for a heart-stopping bungee jump at Macau Tower.


Shop and spa-hop in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is synonymous to excellent shopping, slamming nightlife, and the best massages and spas in Asia. First things first – for celebratory drinks, check out Eagle Nest, a rooftop bar with a drop-dead gorgeous view of the Temple of Dawn. To recuperate after an all-nighter, some of the best spa and wellness centers in Bangkok are Omroom and Bangkok Float Center so you and the whole gang can spend a relaxing day together. Afterwards, shop for souvenirs at the famous Chatuchak Market, one of the biggest markets in the world.


Be one with nature at Jeju Island, South Korea

-한달에 한번 한라산투어! 2017년 12월 9일(토)-[영실] 12월 31일(일)-[성판악]-마감- (새해일출산행) 2018년 1월 13일(토)-[성판악] 1월 27일(토)-[성판악] 2월 10일(토)-[성판악] 2월 24일(토)-[성판악] 3월 17일(토)-[성판악] 4월 28일(토)-[성판악] 5월 26일(토)-[영실] 6월 23일(토)-[성판악] 7월 14일(토)-[영실] 8월 18일(토)-[성판악] 9월 15일(토)-[영실] 10월 20일(토)-[성판악] 11월 17일(토)-[영실] 12월 8일(토)-[성판악] 12월 31일(월)-[성판악] (새해일출산행) 테마 : 구름위의 산책 참가비 : 만원 대상 : 한라산 만만치 않습니다. 더불어 땀 흘리며 즐기고 싶은 분! 나홀로 여행자 환영합니다. 개별행동 하는 분은 신청 불가! 단체로 산행합니다. #한라산#제주도여행#jeju#jejuisland#여행이좋다#제주도가볼만한곳#제주도여행코스#1100고지#사라오름#제주여행#제주#가족여행#제주올레#올레길#제주스타그램#제주도게스트하우스#서귀포게스트하우스#설레여행#성판악코스#영실코스#어리목코스#제주도카페#제주도스타그램#제주도맛집#서귀포맛집#제주맛집#tour#등산스타그램#관음사코스#travel

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Everybody and their mother has probably been to Seoul but not everyone knows that Jeju Island is worth a visit too. It’s far away from the busy city so it’s perfect for those who would rather walk mountain trails or smell flowers in meadows. Mt. Hallasan is a must-go for Jeju firsttimers, but make sure to bundle up before your hike. The infamous Loveland can’t be missed, eitherthe entertaining and NSFW sculptures are something you don’t just see anywhere. World UNESCO site, Sunrise Peak is also worth visiting; its picturesque view of the rising sun is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Did we mention that you don’t need a Visa to visit here?


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