5 Bad Beauty Habits to Break for the New Year

By  - 6 years ago

“New year, new me” shouldn’t be something we say only when we’re attempting that balik alindog program. We’ll be the first to admit that being stuck in our old ways is a curse, but what’s a better way to ring in 2019 than with better beauty habits and routines?

Check out these 5 beauty habits to break for the new year!

5. Not taking off your makeup when you’re drunk

Image by Cindy Kimberly

Beauty’s first cardinal sin is something we’ve all been guilty of at least once.

We know that at the end of a long night, it’s tempting to just crash and exclaim, “just this once!” But before you close your eyes, consider this — is 5 minutes of comfort worth days of dealing with acne and blackheads? We didn’t think so.

If you can’t commit to your full skincare routine in that moment, a good makeup wipe is more than enough!

4. Picking at your face

Image by Dr Pimple Popper

Speaking of acne and blackheads — please, for the love of Ariana, stop touching them.

We know immediate fixes are tempting and oddly satisfying, but you’ll regret it in the long run. Picking at your skin can introduce more bacteria causing acne, and even possibly leave you with hyperpigmentation.

Leave the extractions to the experts!

3. Not changing your sheets often

Image by Ira Oyco

Something you might not normally think about as a source of your skin problems, but often times are, is your bedding.

Think about it — your sheets and pillows harbor dust and dead skin, and you spend at least 6-8 hours a day laying on it. Over time, these accumulate and can cause blackheads, whiteheads, and acne not just on your face, but possibly all over your body.

Maybe consider changing your sheets 2-3x a month, just to be sure.

2. Leaving your phone everywhere

Image by Shop Sonix

For a society that lives on mobile, we often forget how many surfaces our cellphones end up touching. Perhaps we merely underestimate how much bacteria can live on our phone screen, but since we do put it up to our face so much, it’s something we should be wary of next time we’re taking that important phone call.

1. Skipping sunscreen

Image by Love Brown PH

Us tropical babies love the sun, sand, and surf, so we’re pretty accustomed to the delightful smell of sunscreen. Though we associate this product to the beach, it should be something we’re applying on the daily!

This single step in your skincare routine can slow down wrinkles, sun spots, freckles, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), and generally, keep you looking young and fresh in the long run.

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