4 Times Ashley Graham Ignored Society’s Standards

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There is just no stopping Ashley Graham from changing the game. This fearless body image activist is in pursuit of making beauty standards more inclusive and less discriminating. She is redefining what beauty really should be: blind to racial and size differences. On her birthday, we highlight the top moments when she showed the world she’s not one to conform to the unrealistic norms of society.


4. When she created the first Barbie without the thigh gap

The Barbie version of the body-positive model featured a round belly, round arms, and touching thigh legs. She even asked if the doll can have cellulite but Mattel said adding it might appear as a product defect.


3. When she became the first plus-sized model who graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

Source: Sports Illustrated via People 

This move inspired women, regardless of body size, to be comfortable and confident in whatever swimsuit they want to wear. Curvy ladies should no longer be shamed for wearing bikinis!


2. When she walked for Michael Kors during New York Fashion Week

Source: NYMag.com via Her Campus 

In an industry where only sizes 0 and 2 were gracing the runways, Ashley Graham buried that in the past when she was spotted owning the runway for the Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2018 Collection.


1. When she shared a photo of her cellulite

The model empowered her 5.4M followers when she proudly shared a photo of the cellulite on her legs on Instagram–the platform for processed photos and selective posting–sans the filter and the edit. What is considered by many an embarrassing flaw, Ashley embraced and deemed as normal.


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