4 Things Nadine Lustre Can Do (That You Can, Too!)

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It’s 2019. We’ve come a long way from the very traditional thinking that men and women are limited to specific roles and capabilities. Women now feel more confident go after their interests, passions, and careers—wherever and whatever it might be.

On International Women’s Day, Mountain Dew celebrates not only women supporting women, but also the support between women and men: women encouraged to go after what they want, just as their male counterparts do. To push boundaries and chase their passions!  To “Do It. Feel It.” with zero hesitations. Afterall, thrills are for everyone—regardless of gender!

That’s why we’re crushing so hard on Nadine Lustre who continues to surprise us with the skills and talent she has under her sleeve! She’s one of the many women that inspires us to go bold and to just go after our passions even if society thinks otherwise.


She kills it in video games

The singer-actress grew up bonding with her brothers over video games, so it’s no surprise she’s a gamer herself.

With Mountain Dew fueling her game, she’s confident to take on any battle or mission. From playing a classic console to the biggest video game series like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, Nadine can proudly say, “Been there, Done that!” So don’t be embarrassed exchanging girly things for video games, there’s no reason to be.

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Your PS3 got nothin' on my console! ??

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She stands out, even sans her beau

Whoever thought JaDine apart was not as strong as when they’re together… you thought wrong. As James Reid is successfully making music with various artists, Nadine is also shining on her own.

It was recently revealed that she’s coming out with a collaborative swimwear collection with H&M, making her the first Filipina ambassador for the international brand. This is not long after she released a movie she starred in solo.

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Being supportive of your S.O.’s endeavors is great, but remember his success doesn’t mean you have to step back. Embrace yours, and celebrate your highs together.


She directed a music video for her boyfriend

James is usually the one behind the camera as she poses for him during their travels abroad. But tables turned when Nadine tried out directing. She took the opposite side of the lens when she directed the music video for his single, The L1fe.

Cliché as it may be, step out of your comfort zone and pursue your interests. If you’re worried about people judging that you won’t be able to do it as good as men, forget it! There are others who will even be your support system.


She’s her own boss

Although she plays an active part in James’ music label, Careless Music Manila, that didn’t stop her from being her own #girlboss (as if she wasn’t already one).

She collaborated with BYS to start her own makeup line called Lustrous, and also produced her own perfume, Luster.

Boss is no longer a term for men alone. The world has welcomed #girlbosses too! Don’t think you can’t start your own business or company because you definitely can!


It might seem too much, but Nadine Lustre did not do these on her own. With the support of her best gals, the men in her life like her brothers and James, and her game fuel, Mountain Dew, she was able to chase her own thrills.

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Nadine did all these and more, and tbh, you’re no different! You are capable of pursuing your own path. Chase your own thrill. Remember, whatever men can do, women do, too.


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