3 Reasons Why This Cute McDo Video is Extra #Relatable

By  - 6 years ago

If you’ve never developed secret feelings for your bes, lucky you. But to those who have, you know how hard it is. Falling for a close friend isn’t just a clichéd movie plot device; it happens IRL more often than we think.

The new McDonald’s video perfectly depicts the moment you realize your long-time bes, who sometimes gets on your nerves, can actually become your new bae.


Here are 3 reasons why this video is relatable AF.


1. We’ve all had a crush on a friend somehow

He or she may be your barkada, classmate, or just an acquaintance you happen to be around with a lot. Then one day, you just start looking at them differently. That despicable laugh that used to annoy you is now music to your ears. Their arrogant grin is suddenly cute to you. The way they chomp on their burger is attractive now. And it sucks because you can’t tell anyone.


2. We get kilig at the smallest gestures

The fist bumps. The high-fives. The seemingly innocent nudges. When you like someone, these small, ordinary gestures turn into a big deal. We all dream of that cinematic moment when potential bae strokes our hair and the world stops. Even just the simple action of them picking up something we’ve dropped is heart-fluttering. Remember that feeling?


3. We love to annoy the people we like

We all learned this in elementary school. Because how else do we get their attention without showing we actually like them? It’s simpleelicit a reaction by being annoying. It’s not exactly the ideal way to win crush’s heart, but we do it anyway just so they give us the time of day. Plus, it masks our real feelings.


Watch the whole video yourself so you can experience the pure kilig of discovering new love #NewLoveatMcDo:


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