2018 Planners You Can Get If You’re Not a Fan of Coffee

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Looking to organize your schedules (and basically your life) for the year ahead? A handy dandy planner is the way to go! And if you’re not a big coffee drinker, you need not fret. We’ve rounded up some cool planners to help you out and we’re sure that you’ll find one to suit your lifestyle.


For the “Travel is Life” Gal


This planner won’t just help you stay on top of your flight schedules and trip itineraries. The Where to Next? planner indulges your wanderlust and encourages you to go out and meet new people. It even has checklists that will push you to explore the beauty of our own country.

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For the Minimalist


Design and concept-wise, The Sunday Night Journal is simple, straightforward, and fuss-free. It aims to help you form a weekly Sunday night habit to detox and let the stresses of the past week melt away while allowing you to find your center. It’s filled with positive prompts that will prepare you mentally and emotionally to focus better and to face Mondays feeling energized and refreshed.

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For the Artistic Soul


The Design Your Life Planner and Back to Basics Planner will both fit the bill, but they differ in size and orientation. The smaller of the two, the Design Your Life Planner has more dynamic and colorful pages while the Back to Basics Planner goes for a vertical weekly template.

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For the Typography Enthusiast


Soft pastels, pretty typography, and self-affirming words fill the pages of this adorable planner. Flipping through the Scribble Planner day to day for a whole year will encourage you to channel and flaunt your inner happy-go-lucky unicorn!

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For the Go-Getter


Its name says it all. The Limitless Planner will help you keep track of your finances, goals, accomplishments, and even your motivations to make sure you reach your full potential. It doesn’t have dates and instead lets you plot them however you will as it recognizes that achievers tend to go about getting things done at their own pace, in their way.

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