2017 As Told By Jason Momoa

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As we get right on with the “new year, new me” mantra, we thought we’d go for a special year-end review c/o none other than Aquaman/Khal Drogo himself, Jason Momoa first. Shall we?


January kicked off with the Hawaii native showing off his skill throwing tomahawks (that’s axes for you) which he made himself on late night TV.


He tugged on our heartstrings for February showing off his fatherly side.

Watching my heart climb #proudpapa

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Then smoldered his way into our dreams with this Aquaman-centric teaser for the Justice League trailer.


He went all in with an outdoor fashion shoot for GQ in April.


Then channeled Salt Bae before trying to solve a climbing problem on just another regular day in May.


For June, he showed us how to do the haka (a traditional Māori war dance) the right way.


And let his grandma’s boy flag fly with these FaceTime screencaps.


He brought his unending energy to Comic Con as Aquaman in July.


And the family man that he is, it comes as no surprise that he celebrated his 38th birthday with his ohana.


August also saw him personally give a classic Harley Davidson a paint job that’s more suited for his personality.


He took some time off from filming Aquaman in September for a first dibs ride at a new roller coaster with his cast mates.


Which included the adorable Patrick Wilson.

Patrick Wilson. And the soft scared SAVAGE. @realdealmada Please flip through. Aloha j.

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Last October, he finally legally married Lisa Bonet—his childhood crush with whom he has two children and whom he’s been with since 2005.

The way he talks about her like he’s the luckiest man on the planet when he got her to say yes. *sigh* We want that too!


November saw him speaking Dothraki on The Graham Norton Show.


It also marked the premiere of Justice League and he was just a happy giant man-child on the red carpet!


He had fun press junkets with the star-studded cast.


And even found time for a little reunion with his one and only Khaleesi!

Oh, what we wouldn’t pay to be the moon of his life.


To cap it all off, he graced the cover of the December issue of Men’s Health US.

Mens health mag #jasonmomoa #aquaman #justiceleague

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Whew! What a way to end 2017! Who’s stoked for the Aquaman movie coming out at the end of the year? *raises hands as high as the heavens*


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