11 Times Nico Bolzico Made Us Wish We Were His Wifezilla

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We first knew of Nico Bolzico as Solenn Heussaff’s beau, but he has since become a celebrity in his own right. This Argentine’s biggest claim to fame? His sense of humor, which often involves his lovely “Wifezilla.” His pranks may have a tendency to go overboard, but he sure knows how to be sweet and adorable in his own unique way.


Like that time he showed his love for Solenn with a little caveat

Falling in love with you everyday! Except for Sundays, Sunday is football day! #belleadrien2016 #sosbolzitaly

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And he made her share his attention with Messi


But subsequently took it back by posting a stunning photo


Then there’s one of the many times he readily acknowledged his resemblance to mares


And one of the many times he voiced out how lucky he felt to be married to Sos


There was that time he called her a G O D D E S S


And the time he did the dishes

Always dreamt to have a wife that cooks for me braless! Sexy mamacita! ???? … I did the dishes … #solenncooking

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Also, that time he showed us what compromise means


To the point he agreed to shoot a ‘Naked Chef’ episode (for the VLOG!)


There was that time he let the world know how proud he is of Solenn’s strength

Love to have a gf as strong as the boys! Died during #houseoferwan

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And of course, all the times he blessedt our feeds with his chiseled being


Who wouldn’t want the “El Bolzico” to call them his Wifezilla???


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