10 Things Single People Are Tired of Hearing

By  - 5 years ago

Valentine’s Day is slowly creeping around the corner, which means single people will be constantly reminded of how single they are. Though being single was never a bad thing, there’s some stigma against those who have been flying solo for a long time.


Some of us actually like being without an SO. What we don’t enjoy is the repetitive comments that make it seem like we are something to be pitied. Whether you’re NGSB/NBSB or voluntarily (and happily!) single, you’re probably sick of hearing these comments:


“Don’t you get lonely?”

Being alone does not equal to being lonely. There’s nothing lonely about enjoying your own company and the company of friends. Lonely is a state of mind, and when you have hobbies and a career to care about, the mind can’t be bothered to be “lonely”.


“Single ka pa din?”

People often say it like there’s a ticking time bomb. Don’t you worry, there is no time limit to these things. If your friends are condescending and giving you a hard time for being single, then maybe you need new friends, not a new lover.


“Kailan mo ba balak magka-jowa?”

It’s not like people plan and schedule when they’re supposed to meet a potential lover. These things just happen at the right time under the right circumstances. Sometimes, we just need to let things happen naturally. Not everything in life should be premeditated and planned.


“Your standards are too high”

Lowering our standards and settling for the sake of a relationship status is always a no-no. We all should know what kind of person we deserve, and not set the bar low just because everybody is waiting for you to find someone.


“Maybe you just need to go out more”

That might be so, but going out every other night expecting to meet “the one” can be tiring and disappointing. Putting ourselves out there is challenging enough, but having to go out often with the intention of baiting a mate can take the fun out of the freedom of singledom.


Go out, let loose, and enjoy for yourself.


“I know someone perfect for you”

We appreciate the concern and the effort, but for those of us who genuinely aren’t interested or looking, we thank you but we reserve our right to pass.


“Time is running out!”

We know life is short but procrastinating for a relationship when there’s a non-existent deadline doesn’t seem to be the answer. No one’s holding a stopwatch here. If you’re young and healthy, then you’ve got plenty of time to search for the best fish in the sea.


“Masyado ka kasing choosy”

Just like the elections, we all have to choose wisely. Why shouldn’t we be choosy? If we’re looking for a partner to be with, it better someone worth our time and attention—and it better be someone that makes us happy.


“Baka maubusan ka”

Unless it’s the apocalypse, there’s no reason for us to panic.There are over 7 billion people in the world. Perhaps running out of people to date shouldn’t be an issue.


“How will you spend Valentine’s Day?”

Valentines, schmalentines. It’s not a special holiday that everyone is obligated to celebrate. If you have a date, good for you, but if you don’t, don’t feel bad either. It’s merely another day and after 24 hours, it will end just like any other regular day.


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