10 Non-Cliché Date Ideas You Wouldn’t Have Thought Of

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While candle-lit dinners and trips to the movie house are romantic, we have to admit that sometimes, they’re a been-there-done-that kinda thing. Here are ten non-cliché date ideas for the non-boring couple.

10. Laze around your local coffee shop with art supplies and a grown up coloring book.

Nothing says fun (and cute) like hanging around and coloring together.

9. Stay in and cook pasta together.

Because you guys don’t always have to go out for a date.

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8. Go bowling.

Bowling night is the perfect time to let loose and show off your quirky side.

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7. Work on a DIY project!

It’s fun to get down and dirty sometimes, right? And we mean that in the most arts and craftsy way possible. There are hundreds of DIYs you can do as a couple (and they’re easy to search for on the Internet, too—thank you, Pinterest).

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6. Go on a dim sum food trip in Chinatown.

You can’t lose: win some with some dim sum.

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5. Attend a cooking class together.

Learn an easy recipe (or a difficult one).

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4. Have a picnic at the park.

Bring a blanket and a basket filled with your favorites. Picnic dates are cute (and friendly on the pocket, too). Bring a bottle of wine for added fun.

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3. Relive your teenage years and visit Enchanted Kingdom.

Maybe even share a kiss on top of the giant ferris wheel. 


2. Race against each other at the nearest go-kart place!

This is perfect for the competitive couple. City Kart Racing at Circuit Makati’s tracks are great for beginners.

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1. Solve a mystery and get out of an escape room together.

Trapping yourself in a room with your S.O. is a fun and unique way to spend the night. Mystery Manila‘s escape rooms are sure to give you a date to remember.

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