10 Moon Tattoos You’ll Want ASAP

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Looking for tattoo inspo? Get ink-spired by our favorite heavenly body!

10. Shapes

I got an amazing new stick and poke tattoo yesterday from the super talented @cammy06. Thank you Cammy I love it!!!

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9. Phases

????????? #west4tattoo #santanatattoo

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8. Sacred geometry

geometry, moon #moontattoo #tattoo #hongdam #타투 #홍담

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7. Delicate stick n poke

(Source: Bored Art)

6. Quarter moon

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5. For you, and your love

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4. Dot work phases

Moon phases , made in @alchemistsvalley

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3. Radial burst

(Source: Okan Uckun)

2. Realistic

Moon? 月亮

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1. Crescent finger tattoo

(Source: Sandra Veronica)