10 Board Games to Play with the Squad For When You Just Wanna Stay In

By  - 6 years ago

You may be running a bit low on funds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with the barkada. Just bust out these board games, chips, and some booze, and prepare yourself for a night of shenanigans.

Looking to play something other than Monopoly, Scrabble, UNO, and Cards Against Humanity? Then check out these awesome alternatives to the classics:




The objectives of Outburst! is as simple as it gets: yell out as many of the words listed under the category you’re guessing to get the most points at the end of the game. If you want to switch things up a bit, you can try the #AdultsOnly version called Midnight Outburst.


Speak Out

Even chatterboxes will find this game challenging. Players have to make their teammates guess words while wearing a mouthpiece. But look at Heidi Klum go! She’s definitely a natural at this game. What can’t this woman do???



A great imagination and a creative way of describing things are the key ingredients to winning this whimsical card game. Its pretty pictures and super easy-to-understand set of rules make it even more enjoyable.



One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Think of the classic Werewolf game you used to play in high school—but with more characters that come with their own new roles and a number of interesting new twists and technological turns.


Sushi Go Party

If the fact that this game is all about sushi doesn’t convince you to play it, the cute and adorable images ought to. The aim is to pick, pass, and create sushi combos to earn the most points. Just don’t forget dessert!


Exploding Kittens

Be warned: Friendships. Will. Be. Ruined. by this strategy game featuring radioactive kitties. The cards are innovative and uniquely illustrated, so there won’t be any dull moments fo sho.




For Coup, bluffing is key! It will test your nerves whether you’re trying to keep up with your lies or calling out other players’ bullsh*t at the risk of losing your “influence”. The winner is the last person who still has “influence” (or the face-down character card) in front of him/her.



The spy’s goal: find the secret location where all the non-spies are. The non-spies’ goal: expose the spy before the time runs out or he/she gets the top-secret intel! This is a social game where you can practice your skills in smooth-talking. The more players, the merrier.


King of Tokyo

Only one monster can rule all of Tokyo! And for it to be you, you’ll have to keep your smarts about you and lay out a good attack strategy as well as a solid defense. Godzilla vs. King Kong as a board game, anyone?


7 Wonders

If you loved Monopoly growing up, then you can think of 7 Wonders as a stepped up version of it. You can say goodbye to your beloved plastic houses; 7 Wonders is a territory-building game with magnificent set pieces. It’s complex enough to offer various ways to win but won’t drag on forever like Dungeons and Dragons or other expert-level board games.


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