You’ve Got to Try the Double-Double in this 24-Hour Coffee Shop

By  - 2 years ago

Tim Hortons—Canada’s favorite coffee chain—finally opened its doors in the Philippines, the first branch in Southeast Asia.

This 24-hour coffee shop is home to their signature drink, the Double-Double, a uniquely Canadian term for coffee served with double cream and double sugar (hey, if you’re a fan of sweet coffee, then you’d totally dig this).

Original Brew (PHP 70 small, PHP 80 medium, PHP 95 large) 

Tim Hortons also offers a variety of items on their menu such as their famous timbits (tiny bite-sized doughnuts), sandwiches, muffins, and iced coffee.

Timbits (PHP 10 each, PHP 80 for 10 pcs, PHP 160 for 20 pcs, and PHP 350 for 50 pcs)

Special guest Miss Universe Canada 2016 flew back to the Philippines a month after the grand coronation night to take part in Tim Hortons’ ribbon cutting.

Located at Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Gobal City, Tim Hortons will open its doors to the public on February 28 (Tuesday) at exactly 8AM— but here’s the catch. The first customer to line up will win one year’s supply of doughnuts and coffee. We honestly have no idea what to do with that much pastry, but we want it.

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