You Don’t Need to Leave the Comfort of Your Home for a Spa Day

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Who says you have to spend thousands of pesos for a #TreatDay? Forget that! You can enjoy one at home, and it could even be a complete pamper package from head to toe!


Try these different ways to spoil yourself for the ultimate spa day at home.



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Have you been noticing luggages under your eyes lately? It might be a sign for you to start getting more snooze and giving your eyes a rest.

Target those puffy eyes and dark circles with eye masks or slices of cucumber as an alternative. These will help hydrate and soothe the sensitive skin around your eyes, reduce puffiness, and the cooling effect promotes blood flow, which can lessen the darkness under your eye.



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Let your face take a breather from all the makeup and chemicals you’ve been putting on. During your ‘me’ day, make sure to include an extensive skincare routine in your agenda to help you achieve a younger, healthier-looking face.

Try clay or mud masks to cleanse and exfoliate your face from excess oils, dirt, and dead skin cells, as well as to tighten your pores and skin.

Hydration is also important especially if you’re always exposed to the sun. Better pack on those Korean face masks or your own homemade facial masks to bring back the moisture your skin has lost.



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Cap a long, exhausting week with a warm bath. Bring out the candles, bath salts, bath bombs, and essential oils–add along your favorite book or tv series and a glass of wine–for the most rewarding bath you’ve had in a while.

The scent of the candles and essential oils creates a soothing atmosphere, which helps in calming you and your nerves, relaxing your muscles, and releasing the tension from your body.



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Skip the hairstyling for the day, and focus on pampering your locks to inject some life into it again. Applying too much styling products and using styling tools everyday might already be causing intense damage to your hair. It deserves a #TreatDay of its own too.

Have your own hair salon and spa at home with Cream Silk’s latest Triple Keratin Rescue Ultra Treatments. It comes in a hair wrap possessing a Triple Keratin formula that addresses rebellious frizz, intense damage, and extreme dullness.

It’s used after washing off your shampoo and conditioner, and can be done in 3 easy steps!

  1. Take out treatment wrap from the pack and gently unfold.
  2. Put on wrap and tuck damp hair inside. Adjust the entire area. Use sticker tape to secure wrap around your head. Let it sit for 20 MINS.
  3. Remove wrap and massage to absorb excess product into your hair. Rinse well after. Use at least once a week for best results.

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