You Can Dine Solo in These Restaurants

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Whoever said eating alone is sad has yet to try it, just take cue from Julia Roberts’ Eat, Pray, Love! If you feel like treating yourself by yourself, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You deserve to relax and reward yourself with some me time without having to explain to anyone.


Here are five restaurants that have the best seats in the house for solo diners.


5. Mendokoro Ramenba

One perk of eating alone is it’s easier for you to get tables. Dine in Mendokoro Ramenba and you can skip its infamous waiting lines to grab one of its limited 21 seats.

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Karena disini tiap hari hujan dan angin kenceng jdna kmrn malam pengen makan yg panas2, sebenarnya pengen indomie atau pop mie 🤣 mending coba ramen Mendokoro ramenba dizomato ratingnya cukup tinggi 4,9, biasa bisa antri min 1jam tp kmrn kita ke sini udah jam 9an malam antri 20menitan tp setelah kita duduk wew antri panjang lagi. Ramennya kalo dinilai mnrt gw dari 1-10, hm gw kasi 8 krn kuahnya ok saja 👌tp krn gw suka banget chasunya jd 9. Chasunya gede banget, wangi smoky, tender n juicy. Gyozanya jg enak!! Dan serunya lagi disini bs minta cabe potong, asikkk bgttt kan?!! . . . . #foodporn#foodcoma#foodgasm#foodstagram#igfood#ramen#japaneseramen#mendokororamenba#foodie#pinoyfood#food#foods#foodpics#foodporno#foodphoto#foodphotography#foodpics#f52grams#vscofood#noms#noodles#japanesenoodle#sovifooddiary#philippines#sovifooddiary#foodoftheday#picoftheday #tamago

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4. Your Local

Your Local has bar seats you can opt for so you can see how the chef prepares your food before you dig into their unforgettable Salmon Donburi. A feast for the eyes and the tummy!


3. Single Origin

Start the day sipping coffee and eating breakfast in peace in Single Origin. The best part is their single seats let you appreciate the calming view of the city.


2. ¡VENGO!

It doesn’t always have to be a GNO, take yourself out for dinner and drinks in ¡VENGO!, and you could have just as much fun!

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Hello Friday 🍷

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1. Tendon Kohaku

Dining alone means you don’t have to share with anyone so more food for you! You can head to Tendon Kohaku and enjoy their special tempura rice bowl all for yourself.

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