What’s a Bothie and Where’s Snake? 8 Questions About the Nokia 8

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Looking for a new smartphone? The Nokia 8 is one of the most techie phones on the block. Now before you reminisce about your 3210, we need to tell you that the Nokia 8 is not about nostalgia. It’s a phone straight from the future packed full of features that rival the biggest smartphone brands. Here are 8 commonly asked questions that will introduce you to Nokia’s latest Android addition.



1. What’s a Bothie?

A Bothie is when both the Nokia 8’s front and rear cameras are activated at the same time so you can take photos and videos from a first and second person perspective. Bothies are perfect for when you want to record your reaction to what you’re in front of. They’re also a great way of taking a picture of yourself and a friend at the same time.



2. How’s the camera?

Besides having Bothie capabilities, the front and rear cameras are 13MP, meaning you’ll get the high quality images and video that you covet. There’s also a 4K video mode if you want an even more professional quality recording.



3. How’s its sound recording function?

The Nokia 8 is the world’s first smartphone to feature OZO audio, which is exclusive technology designed for Hollywood. What that basically means is that when you take a video, the Nokia 8 is able to record it in 360° surround sound.


4. Does it have Snake?

You can rest your thumbs because there’s no Snake on the Nokia 8. It comes completely free of any apps and any app can be deleted unlike with most smart phones. The Nokia 8 boasts a pure Android experience meaning there are no unnecessary apps slowing down the phone’s performance. But if you’re crazy about Snake, you can download many Snake apps from Google Play Store, or even challenge your friends to a Snake-off on Facebook messenger.



5. Is it ideal for live video junkies?

With Facebook and YouTube live native to the Nokia 8, the answer is a definitive yes.


6. How about for safety buffs?

The Nokia 8 has monthly security updates and software patches so you can stop worrying.


7. How much is it?

The Nokia 8 lists at P24,990 SRP. Nokia 8 and the other Nokia smartphones are also available on Home Credit payment terms.


8. Where can I buy it?

The Nokia 8 and the rest of Nokia’s smartphones can be bought from Argomall/MemoXpress and key partner dealers.


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