What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

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We’re all familiar with the saying “You are what you eat.” In the same vein, did you know that your favorite alcoholic order also says something about your personality?

If astrology and Myers-Briggs indicator tests aren’t enough basis, keep reading to find out what your drink of choice says about you. Cheers!


Wine drinkers are social butterflies

Wine enthusiasts may be seen as an elitist bunch but in reality (though they won’t admit it) they live for gossip and stories. They love a good conversation and there’s no topic too taboo or question too personal for them. They’re the type to enjoy when others spill their secrets, and they won’t hesitate to spill theirs.


Vodka drinkers are health conscious

Vodka has only very little calories, has no sugar and is gluten-free. They wouldn’t go near a pint of beer. All those calories aren’t worth the buzz. They’re the kind who are always on a diet and just want to enjoy the night without feeling guilty.


Craft beer drinkers are detail-oriented

This new class of drinkers is notorious for their snobbish approach to beer. Craft beers are associated with men sporting a beard who only wear plaid button-up shirts. Some call them hipsters, but some refer to them as just connoisseurs who like their beer brewed in a particular way.


Martini drinkers are enigmatic

The classic gin martini lovers are purists and respect tradition. They definitely know how to hold their alcohol and frown upon those who order any other style of martini. They are sophisticated people who keep to themselves but have a way of capturing anyone’s attention.

Margarita drinkers aren’t afraid to be themselves

No matter how embarrassing they get when they’re inebriated, they are the life of the party. They usually end up going to the next table to entertain strangers. They’ll dance, come up to just about anyone, and probably make them dance too. They are unashamed when they let loose and best of all, they don’t care.


Rum and cola drinkers are forever young

They dress fun and they know how to have fun. They don’t take themselves too seriously and probably won’t be the type to be the debbie downers at a party. No matter how old these drinkers might be, you’ll bet they will always act young at heart.


Mojito drinkers are well-traveled

The mojito lovers probably love the word “wanderlust” and want to have it tattooed on them. They’re well-traveled and they will make sure to let everyone know that they are. They’ve been on different adventures and have immersed in different cultures and mojitos are their official drink.


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