We Can’t Resist These Cool and Unique Finds Online

By  - 8 months ago

Who here is guilty of collecting cute thingamajigs? We see you, reading this. Now that we have the comfort and convenience of the internet, it’s much easier to find and shop for unique and cute items.


So for you who loves anything unique and cutesy, here are a few of the most adorable finds we saw online to add to your cart!


Remax Powerbank PPL

Is it a candy container? A mint pack perhaps? Nope, it’s a powerbank. Out with the typical and generic-looking powerbanks that accompany your phone and in with this cute accessory-like gadget.


Necklace Projection

Express your love in an not-so-usual way—by projecting it through a necklace. Say what? It may look like an ordinary piece of accessory but a closer inspection will reveal that it literally projects different languages of love. Plus, it’s affordable too. No need for an overly priced fancy jewelry to express your love.


Cardcaptor Sakura Make-up Brush Set

Bring back your childhood cartoon fantasies with this Cardcaptor Sakura-inspired makeup brush set. For just under a thousand bucks this kawaii set will give you nostalgic feels while getting all glammed up.


Big Bag Wolf

Here’s something practical, convenient, but still cute—a bag that can be morphed into a shoulder bag and a backpack. Perfect for the daily commuter and people who are always on the move.


Magic Array Wireless Charger

Here’s something that will save you the hassle of detangling pesky cables and wires in your bag. With this wireless charger, all you have to do is lay your phone on it and let it do its job. Voila! Your phone is charged without having to plug it anywhere.


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