Unleash Your Inner Kathryn Bernardo with These Hairstyles

By  - 3 months ago

As an actress, Kathryn Bernardo dons many hats—or should we say hairstyles—to portray different characters. And our girl slays at it! She’s able to transform herself into different girls with not just superb acting but also through looking the part.


Do you think you have what it takes to be like Kathryn? You totally can, and you don’t have to prove your acting chops to unleash your inner actress! You can become who you want to be by simply changing up your hair.


Shine like a K-pop Idol

K-pop is taking over the world. We look up to idols not just for their amazing talents but also for their unique look and hairstyles. Like Kathryn, you can channel your fave K-pop star by giving your hairdo a redo to effortless waves. It’s the trendy look among Korean celebs after all!


Be elegant like a princess

We can’t all be Princess Mikay like Kathryn inPrincess and I. We can only dream of being born with royal blood but that doesn’t mean we can’t be a princess in our own right. If you look like it, you can become it. Sweep your hair up to an elegant bun and show off that dainty neckline of yours. Now all you need is your own Daniel Padilla to be your prince!


Strut like a beauty queen

Kathryn is regarded as one of the most beautiful faces in showbiz right now and though she hasn’t joined a beauty pageant, she’s a beauty queen in the eyes of many. You can be the Miss in someone’s Universe too by sporting long, luscious waves that would look good with a crown. Wave, smile, and flip your hair like Kathryn would.


Feel powerful like a superhero

We can’t have extraordinary and superhuman powers but when Kathryn turned into a supernatural being in La Luna Sangre, we were all awed by her performance. Unfortunately, it’s physically impossible to obtain powers but at least we can look like a heroine! Pull your hair up high in a tight ponytail to get that ready-to-take-on-the-world look. No need for a cape and shield.


Of course, don’t forget to keep your hair nourished as you switch up your hairstyles! Luckily with Sunsilk, you can pull off any look without giving your hair a hard time! With biotin and aloe vera, it nourishes your hair to be strong as it grows long so you can have a #HABAmazing new look everyday like Kathryn!


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