Tipping Etiquette Around the World: Europe

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Finally going on your most awaited Euro-trip this summer? You’ve probably planned everything down to the last detail, but don’t get excited just yet! These countries in Europe have tipping cultures you must know about. Check out the gratuity etiquette for different kinds of services so you won’t be that impolite visitor.


5. France

Hotels: Thank bellhoppers with a gratuity of 1-2 euros per bag and house cleaning staff with 1-2 euros per day.

Restaurants: If you spot a “service compris” in the bill, then service has been included and there is no need to tip. However, the absence of this phrase means it’d be best to tip by rounding up to the next euro or 5-10% when paying your bill.

Taxis: A 10% gratuity for cab drivers is acceptable.


4. Spain

Hotels: Show gratitude for porters and housekeepers by tipping them a euro each per bag and per day, respectively.

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Restaurants: If service was pleasant, leave a tip from 7 to 13 percent in cash. But if otherwise, you may leave without one sans any protest.

Taxis: There’s no need to tip in taxis but rounding up the fare will be appreciated.


3. United Kingdom

Hotels: Bellmen usually get 1-2 pounds a bag and the same goes for hotel maids per day.

Restaurants: Restaurants already include a service fee, but if otherwise, a gratuity of 10 to 15 percent of your bill should be fine.

Taxis: Tip taxi drivers 10% of your total fare, especially if they offer to carry your luggages.


2. Italy

Hotels: Amount for tipping bellboys is between 1 to 5 euros and between 1 to 1.50 euros for cleaning staff, depending on how clean the room is.

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Restaurants: Service is often included in the bill (look for servizio incluso). Should you find the waiter’s service commendable however, leave a gratuity of 10%.

Taxis: They don’t expect tips, but if you insist, round up the fare to the next €1 for short trips and the next €10 for longer ones.


1. Greece

Hotels: Porters are often tipped with a euro for a bag and the housekeeping staff also a euro per day.

Restaurants: Reward exceptional service with a 5-10% gratuity in cash, servers do not usually expect.

Taxis: Rounding up to the next euro will be appreciated by cab drivers.


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