This Bronzing Oil Gave Us the Perfect Morena Glow, Minus the Sun!

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It’s summer in the Philippines 365 days a year, but it’s not every day that we can bask in the sun! This year, more and more women are rocking the signature morena glow and that’s exactly what Love Brown PH is servin’.

This local brand enhances our natural skin tone with 3 glistening bronzing oils. Unlike tanning oils, this glow is temporary and washes off after a bath, so you can pick and choose how much and when you tan.

We took these out for a spin, so read on below to check out our swatches!

How To Use

Though this product comes in a spray bottle, we found that dispensing it that way gets a little messy. Opening the top and using the stem to apply it was much easier all around!

The bronzing oil was also easy to blend into the skin, because it stays wet enough to be able to be moved around, but dry enough that it doesn’t get patchy. Just remember to let it dry completely so it won’t rub off on your clothes!

Sunkissed Babe

Sunkissed Babe applied on the left, bare skin on the right

Sunkissed Babe applied on the left, bare skin on the right

The lightest of the 3 shades provides a minimum tan, but an evident glow! It left a shimmer on our skin, which contoured us for a lightly slimming effect. This is perfect for those who want generally healthier looking skin, day or night!

Honey Beach

Swatch on light skin

Swatch on darker skin

Sometimes, all you need is a solid hour under the sun, and that’s the effect Honey Beach gives you! Depending on your skin, this will get you a shade or two darker and enhance your natural yellow undertone.

This also leaves a slight gold shimmer, so it’s the perfect accessory to any impromptu photo shoot!

Bronzed Coco

Swatch on light skin

Swatch on darker skin

For a maximum tan, Bronzed Coco is your girl!

Our lighter model got 4-5 shades darker, while our darker model enhanced their already rich skin tone. Unlike Honey Beach, this one has a redder undertone, so be wary if you’re naturally yellow!

Love Brown recommends this for romantic, candle lit date nights, too.

The Verdict

Other than the nozzle issue, these bronzing oils were a dream to use! They blended out easy, gave the desired morena glow, and smell like piña coladas on a sunny beach front. Plus, at PHP399 for 30ml, they’re cheaper than a day trip to the beach.

They’re also available in a 100ml variant for PHP799, but if you want to try all the shades out, they have a 3 pack for PHP999.

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